Eraxe Girlz

Nine girls find they are missing something in their lifes. Not only are they freaks but they are great singers or players of instruments. They find each other make a band to prove that even freaks and be believe and live life the fullest.


2. Amy Flawless

"What? what are you looking at? said Amy to us readers.

"You wanna know who I am said Amy with a weird out face.

"Okay then listen because I will tell you this only once said Amy.

I am Amy Flawless people get scared of me because of the way I look. I am a gothic freak girl. I am twenty one and I am just looking for my missing cross piece. I have pale white skin like snow black the princess I say black well you know why. I have really grey blue bright eyes like the wolfs. My hair is long black straight like the asian girls beautiful.

I am a expert in the drums, piano and with my vocals. And I just wanna be a famous gothic star. As you can see I am insecure and I tend to attack people with my words. But I am actually deeply just a hurt soul. I love dark things. And maybe if one day I find people that will accept me for me then we might be band members.

I am always trying to get out there, you know famous. I went on the X shine audition and the judges said I was too dark and depressing. I was like but this is who I am. They said sadness will take you no where people now at days just want to hear happy songs. So I said no thank you but I will be me and one day you will regret this. And then it happen I became the leader of a much of weird great girls.

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