these are some/a poem about me-ish


2. savage

He says im savage. i kind of like it but deep down i know it hurts it change the insult  to make me stronger when i grow weaker i know he likes me but i hate him he's hurt me  deep down. Its a stain never to be reveled i never show my emotions but he makes me. He called me a savage now everybody does.  all i do is keep it in.  I want to let it out but to who. He's turned everyone agenst me. He called me savage, and  ruined my life what do i do. It hurts and people make it a joke. It hurts. I hate it but they think i love it, i just don't i hate him when he loves me. He called me savage ill hate him forever. He calles me savage thats what he gets, i HATE him now anybody and everybody calles me savage . I have no friend only 1 and she is not really me friend only a joke to make me feel worse. If the call me savage, thats what they want. thats what they get.
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