these are some/a poem about me-ish


3. empty words

Darkness is my hope my strength and my life after what iv been thorough. Darkness is black   midnight. you hurt me this is what you get. I love the night im alone and myself nobody to bully me now. Darkness is me black and my power.  People run scared of my darkness. This is what you get. You did this to me. You pay. Darkness is me i love darkness. I am me stay away. Don't  doubt me i am me!   Music is me i use music help me. I am free. Music is me. Its the one magic that wont turn agenst me on me. I can relax and be me. Sing out all my pain and hate. Dance is what i do. Dance my heart out. I dance to the music like me. Not a loner, not a cool kid, not popular, me . i am me. i dance and sing my self out. All the pain goes away for the treasured  moments i n my life. I dance freely, i sing freely i am free. I love me    You say awesome like its a different thing. Awesome is fearless, amazing you are awesome just dig for it. So am i am different you are you you are amazing.        You say  different like its a bad thing , no its the best thing you could be. How boring would life be if we were all the same. I am Different  i am awesome i am amazing. So are you. We write different, talk different, act different, and are different. Love it because it makes us who we are. Were not the same. We are different.     I am stronger than i was yesterday and any time before. I am stronger   now. I am like a tiger. As strong as ever. I earn my strength but trying. Try harder. Don't fall like dirt like some did be the hero. Save the day. I am stronger. I am stronger than yesterday. I am stronger than before as ever.
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