Everything Ends

Traveling is always better with three. But while Donna Noble is fun, sassy, and more than a match for the Doctor, she's the sign that Lilithanadir's time with this Doctor is coming to a close and a reminder that everything good must come to an end. A rewrite of series 4 of Doctor Who


24. This Episode Doesn't Deserve a Real Chapter

Once upon a time, Lilith had no problem with being pampered. In fact, she insisted on remaining at her mother’s side for the entire duration of the trip every time they landed on a leisure world and went through every experience she did. But Lilith was no longer in her first incarnation. She would much rather be out taking down a dictatorship, or even go strolling through a bazaar, than subject herself to a spa.

So, even after a solid week of disasters, Lilith would steadfast refuse to admit that it was she who suggested they go to Midnight. Donna, of course, was thrilled with the prospect of a leisure planet. She spent what felt to Lilith like hours at the spa before joining the Time Lady by one of the pools.

Lilith hadn’t been paying attention to how long it had been since the Doctor had left on the tour bus. She wasn’t paying much attention to anything other than the music she was listening to, to be honest. But it certainly caught her attention when the Doctor broadcasted his complete and utter fear before his presence completely disappeared from her mind.

Lilith shot up off the chair and immediately pulled on her jeans and a deep blue turtleneck tank top over the bathing suit she was wearing. Donna opened her mouth to question what the hell she was doing, but Lilith had already set her vortex manipulator to take her to the Doctor and pressed the button.

What she found when she appeared on the tour bus shocked Lilith to the core. Her father, who was stuck in a squatting position, was about to be thrown into the X-tonic sunlight. She drew her blaster and pointed it at one of the men holding the Doctor. “Hey!” she shouted. “Put him down!”

Everyone jumped and gasped at her sudden appearance. “What?” one of the women exclaimed.

“I said, put him down!” Lilith repeated loudly.

“Who are you?” the other man, a professor probably, demanded.

“My name is Lilith Smith. That’s my father you’re about to kill. Now let go of him or I’ll shoot you.”

Another one of the women, the hostess, scoffed. “You’re bluffing. You’re just a kid.”

Lilith cocked an eyebrow. She shifted her aim and pulled the trigger. The blast only missed the man’s head by an inch. “Next time, I won’t miss. Now put. The man. Down.” The two people hesitated. “Now!”

They set the Doctor back on the ground and stepped away.

“Good,” Lilith said. “Now, who want’s to explain why you were about to murder a man? Anyone?” Nothing. She pointed the blaster and the youngest of the women. “You, Glasses, answer the question.”

“He- He’s possessed. The thing that has him wants to kill us. We have to get rid on him before it does,” Glasses insisted.

“And what is this ‘thing’?” Lilith asked.

“We don’t know. Not even the Doctor knew. It was outside at first, then it got into Mrs. Silvestry. It was repeating our words, then it started saying them with us.” Glasses gulped. “Then it was only doing it to the Doctor.”

Something about her explanation was familiar. “Repeat, synch up, then latch onto the smartest one in the vicinity, am I right? Just like the Dubreynso.”

“You’re making that up,” the first woman accused. “He claimed to be the cleverest and even he didn’t know that the thing is.”

“Luckily, it’s my job to know things my dad doesn’t,” Lilith snapped. “And luckily, I know how to get rid of it, too. Put enough distance between the host and the prime entity and its hold snaps. All I have to do is take him and use my teleport of bring us back to the resort. He’d live, leaving you people to deal with the thing. You’d all be dead within the hour. But that’s not my problem, is it? Why should I care if you live or die? So I’ll just be on my way—”

“You can’t!” the man who Lilith had originally threatened protested. “You can’t just leave us here!”

“Why not?” she demanded. “You all were about to murder an innocent person. Why should I give a damn about your lives, hmm? Give me one good reason and I’ll let you live.”

“Because the Doctor would want you to,” the teenage boy said. “He didn’t want us to kill Mrs. Silvestry, he didn’t want anyone dead. What would he think if you were responsible for all of our deaths?”

Lilith lowered her blaster. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Jethro Cane.”

“You should all thank Jethro Cane. He just saved your damn lives.” Lilith stared pointedly at the two people she assumed were Jethro’s parents. “This thing that attacked you is similar to a species called the Dubreynso, a consciousness that can spread itself amongst multiple hosts. They’re very hard to get rid of, the Dubreynso, virtually impossible to kill. You see, killing just any host doesn’t do crap. You can kill as many possessed people as you want. Throw them into X-tonic sunlight if you must, the entity would just find someone else to take over. There’s only one way to get rid of the Dubreynso.” She whipped her arm back up and shot Mrs. Silvestry in the chest. “You kill the prime host.”

The Doctor sucked in a shuddery breath and everyone jumped back. Lilith holstered her blaster and fell to the floor next to him. She pulled his head into her lap and held him as she shook with fear. She stroked his hair and whispered words calming words in Gallifreyan.

Lilith placed his hand on her vortex manipulator and transported them away to safety.

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