Will He Stay Forever?

This is a fanfiction about Harry Styles and basically he had a girlfriend before he was in the group One Direction and he kind of left her without saying goodbye. But now he's back in London and seeking a way to win back the heart of his beloved.


2. We Unite Again

As I walk into the mall, all I was thinking about was Harry. Walking towards the theater, in my head, I was wishing that Harry would have been there with me. My friends are already inside and they are now waiting on me. As I'm about to pay $20 to watch a romance movie, this tall figure came over me. The tall figure gave me my money back and paid for not one ticket, but two. I turn around and, when I thought it was Harry, it was my big brother. He loved to joke with me and make me mad. This made me extremely mad. The movie was at least 3 hours long so I sat there, lonely, watching a movie about love and marriage and other romantic subjects. After the movie, it was 8:30 so I went home and did nothing while my friends went out to eat. After 20 minutes of getting home, there's a knock at the door. I went to the peephole to see who it was, but it was all black. I asked who it was, but they said nothing. Annoyed, I yank the door back and ,to my surprise, there stood the tall man of my life, Harry Styles. He looked at me and gave me that sexy smirk that he always does. I couldn't help but to smile back. He asked if he could come inside and, of course, i said that he could. When I closed the door, I turned around and he was standing directly above me. On the outside, I was just so calm, but on the inside I was loosing my mind. He grabbed my face gently and gave me the most sweetest kiss ever. It was one of those slow kisses that only happen when you've been waiting for a long time to kiss someone and I could tell he'd been waiting a long time for that kiss. His hands moved slowly from my face to my hips where he picked me up and put me against the wall. It wasn't the first time, but it was kind of a surprise. After he picked me up, he stopped kissing me. Then he put me down. He sighed deeply and told me how long he's been waiting for that. He then said, even though he'd missed me, he had to learn how to control himself from going overboard with the kissing. I could tell he was lying, but I went along with it.

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