Don't Touch Me

TRIGGER WARNING!: Mention's of attempted rape, sexual assault, and violence.

Sherlock has an altercation with Victor Trevor and Sebastian Wilkes in the boys locker room.


3. Mycroft, Hurry

Sherlock let out a whimper at the contact, his eyes once again squeezing shut. Victor smirked, and just as he was about to force the head of his cock past Sherlock’s lips, the voice of the Phys. Ed. Teacher rang out through the closed doorway and into the locker room.

“Who’s still in there? Class has been dismissed, you boys had better get out.”

Victor Trevor scowled fiercely, and reached out a hand to cover Sherlock’s mouth, making sure he didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry Ma’am, we’ll be out in a moment.” He called over his shoulder, still rubbing the head of his cock across Sherlock’s cheek. Sherlock’s eyes, which had shot open at the sound of the teacher’s voice, were staring up at Victor in fear, and when Victor scowled down at him and said quietly, “Not one fucking word,understand?” he nodded his head.

Victor sighed and stepped back, removing his hands from their places across Sherlock’s mouth and in his hair, before placing them both on his still erect penis and thrusting into them. He watched with hooded eyes as Sherlock knelt, frozen on the cold hard tiles of the floor for a few moments, his eyes staring downwards and his breath coming in short gasps as his brain tried to catch up with what had just happened. His eyes flew upwards when he heard a low grunting noise coming from the other boy, and he watched as Victor thrust one last time in his hands before coming. The white liquid pulsed over Victor's hands and his lips stretched in a lazy grin.

"Like what you see, Freak? Enjoy the show? Yeah you did." He smirked and straightened up, moving towards the sinks to rinse his hands and now limp cock off, before tucking it back into his pants and zipping his trousers up. "Well, this has been fun. Maybe next time I'll even let actually get a suck, hey?" Sherlock stared up at him with his eyes wide, his knees aching where they were pressed against the cold hard tile of the floor. His head was throbbing and he could feel his eyes beginning to swell from the bruising there. 

"Well, see ya, lover boy. Until next time." Victor said, stepping away with a cruel smile still twisting his lips, before he gave a mock salute and disappeared out the door. Once he was gone Sherlock let his body relax, sinking down to sit on the floor. Tears streamed from his eyes, and he couldn't stop them. It was like they had just been waiting for him to be alone, before they could burst out. He sniffled, and rested his aching head against the tile wall. He whimpered.

"Why me?" He asked himself, his voice sounding incredibly small in the vast silence of the locker room. He wiped his eyes and reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

The screen was cracked from where he had hit the ground, but otherwise it was fine. With trembling fingers Sherlock unlocked it and opened his contacts list, clicking on the name of the one person who could make it all better, make it all go away.

The phone only rang once before it was answered and the voice on the other end rang out, "Sherlock?"

Sherlock stifled a sob and closed his eyes. "Locker Room." He said. 

The voice at the other end of the phone turned sad. "Oh, Sherlock." 

Sherlock could only sob. 

"Shhh, it's okay, I'm coming. Don't worry, everything will be okay, I promise." The voice at the other end of the phone said, it's words soothing. Sherlock wiped his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Please, Mycroft." He whispered. "Hurry." 

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