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Rose seems just fine with the new new Doctor, but how will Lilithanadir cope with traveling with a man wearing the face of her father? A rewrite of series 2 of Doctor Who


7. Werewolves Are Not Amusing

Lilith had always wondered why. Why they were so intent on finding the Doctor. Why things had to turn out the way they did.

The house had been called the Torchwood Estate.

It had started like any adventure. They were in the TARDIS teasing each other. The Doctor had gotten the date wrong, a century off this time. But of everyone to find them, to be pointing the guns at them, it had to be Queen Victoria.

“Rose, Lilith, might I introduce her Majesty Queen Victoria.”

It had to be the damn Queen.

The house had been called the Torchwood Estate.

Lilith had gone with Rose to change once the Queen got ‘tired of the girl’s nakedness’ (how was she considered naked, anyway?), and the knock on the head she received had consequences. Rattled, when she woke she remembered the entire story of 1897’s adventure.

The werewolf had said Rose had something of the wolf about her. The words made Lilith shiver. Bad Wolf. The Doctor may have thought he took all of the vortex out of Rose, but Lilith knew better. Bad Wolf, of course Rose had something of the wolf about her.

The Doctor came to rescue them, late but he did. Lilith stayed quiet the entire time, much to his discomfort. Discomfort. Maybe that’s why he was being so rude in the library. But then again, this is the Doctor’s tenth incarnation she was thinking about. He was rude, period. Rude and not ginger.

If you ask Lilith, the Observatory is where it all truly went wrong. When they trapped the lupine wavelength haemovariform in the beam of moonlight. She had seen the Queen’s face. Her expression had said everything. It showed what she thought, despite the fact that the Lilith, the Doctor, and Rose had just saved her life.

Sure, she knighted them, Darkel would get a kick out of ‘Dame Lilith Smith of TARDIS’, but she banished them in the same damned breath. She was not amused and she despised them.

The house had been called the Torchwood Estate.

The thought of Torchwood— not Jack’s Torchwood, Torchwood One— made Lilith cringe. She had told the Ninth Doctor that he would learn the truth about her on the worst day of his lives. It was their fault that the day took place. She wanted to scream, to tear Hartman apart for putting her parents through that pain.

It was called Torchwood because the house had been called the Torchwood Estate.

They were the reason Torchwood was founded. They were the ones who gave the damn woman the opportunity to make the damn day possible. Inconsolable guilt washed over Lilith. It was partially her fault that they would get separated.

The Doctor and Rose got off the back of the cart. Lilith jumped off and landed lightly on her feet.

The Doctor turned back to Rose as they walked back toward the TARDIS, Lilith trailing behind. “But the funny thing is, Queen Victoria did actually suffer a mutation of the blood. It's historical record. She was hemophiliac. They used to call it the Royal Disease. But it's always been a mystery because she didn't inherit it. Her mum didn't have it; her dad didn't have it. It came from nowhere.”

“What, and you're saying that's a wolf bite?” Rose asked.

“Well,” he said, drawing out the word, “maybe ‘hemophilia’ is just a Victorian euphemism.”

“For werewolf?”

“Could be.”

“Queen Victoria's a werewolf?”

“Could be. And her children had the Royal Disease. Maybe she gave them a quick nip.”

Rose laughed. “So, the Royal Family are werewolves?”

“Well, maybe not yet,” the Doctor shrugged. “I mean, a single wolf cell could take a hundred years to mature. Might be ready by, oh, early 21st century?”

“Nah, that's just ridiculous! Mind you, Princess Anne,” Rose mused.

“I'll say no more.”

“And if you think about it,” she continued, “they're very private. They plan everything in advance. They could schedule themselves around the moon. We'd never know. And they like hunting!” They all entered the TARDIS. “They love blood sports. Oh my God, they're werewolves!”

While the Doctor and Rose were laughing and howling, Lilith started the dematerialization sequenced and slipped out of the console room.

Werewolves are not amusing.

Neither is Torchwood.

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