The Stuff of Legends

Rose seems just fine with the new new Doctor, but how will Lilithanadir cope with traveling with a man wearing the face of her father? A rewrite of series 2 of Doctor Who


4. Thoughts of a Time Lady

After the week of staying put in London, Lilith was glad to be back in the Time Vortex.

Jackie had insisted that they stay for New Years, a request that Lilith didn’t argue with at first. She was still worried about side effects from the Doctor’s violent regeneration and refused to let him pilot the TARDIS until she knew for sure that he wasn’t going to crash the poor timeship again.

It was a choice that the Time Lady quickly regretted. Lilith didn’t like being stationary again, not after the months that her father had left her on earth prior to their travels with Rose.

There she went again, thinking about the ninth Doctor. It was a shame, really, that she got so little time with that version of her father. Even more so that Rose only got a year with him. But Rose seemed to be adjusting to the new face quite well, if the New Years kiss had anything to say about it.

Lilith, on the other hand, wasn’t handling the change quite as well. It was easier to call the Doctor, ‘Uncle’ when he was northern with the large ears. But Lilith was born knowing the Doctor with the gravity defying hair and converse shoes as ‘Dad’, not ‘Uncle’.

But she couldn’t call him that. No, not yet anyway. So she was stuck traveling with a man wearing the face of her father and calling him ‘Doctor’.

Well, isn’t that just fantastic?

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