My Random Crap

Just my random Crap that's in my life.


1. First off

Hello, so before i start this I want to tell you a few things about myself

. My name is Justice

. I am 12 years old

. I am one of the outcasts in my grade (which is 7th almost 8th)

. As you can tell, I'm Crap

. I have long blonde hair

. Very few friends

. Shy at first then i will be the most annoying thing in the world

. I luv to write yet im very shitty at it

. Just the same with singing and dancing

. Favorite band: Tie between Three Days Grace and Linkin Park

. I LUV CreepyPasta, Undertale, Anime, Fnaf, W2H:

. Favorite CP character: Ticci Toby

. Favorite Undertale Character: Tie between Undyne and Mettaton

. Favorite Anime/Anime character: Death Note and Mail Jeevas

. Favorite Fnaf character: Withered Foxy and regular Marionette

. Favorite W2H character: Sock (Of course)


Well there you have it, some things about me so you know what sorta stuff will be in here

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