Spying on the bat. A Batman fanfiction.


2. chapter 2 the new villain

Bruces POV

Could not understand, something rare for me. This new villain.

She called herself a shocker, the only thing shocking about her was that she was running with Harley and the Joker.

How that, and way, at I know why I have no idea. She work three times as hard, making sure that no civilians. Got hurt even slightly,

Hell she's actually run into a building that sheet set a bomb and wants to save a bird with a broken wing.

Only, getting out of with my help.

But anyway today when I heard, Harley Quinn beating on someone I was shocked to see you this girl there.

Normally she was strong. Capable and fight I've seen her, but. Never against me or she had never given me a reason but still.

She was wicked smart to. Probably why the joker needed her.

I happened to be above, somewhere. house scouting out looking for the Joker.

When I heard the new girl, with and obviously electrically modified. Voice

Say "now, Harley I'm only telling you this because I'm worried about you,"

Harley cut her off as I swung down to find a better position to see what was happening.

" Why you fucking bitch, you just want Mr. J all to yourself. That's why you say I have the stockroom thingy.

Now I'm going to make sure that you can't get him"

With that I saw Harley walk across to grabbing her large Mallet and, swing.

At the new girl.

Now I don't know why, but I waited several minutes.

To see this girl who I knew would be able to take Harley without even thinking Hell, probably with her hands tied behind her fucking back.

Slowly get pummeled brutally, when I could tell that she was ridiculously injured to the point where, death, would be imminent.

I decided to intervene I broke the glass of The ceiling, landing first on the beam and then on the floor,

Harley and throwing her halfway across the room. And keeping her fully under control somehow in the skirmish the new girl which is what I have been to her as for a while now.

Somehow on my girl most have the stamina that I can't even fathom, got up and was out of the building before I even knew it.

After hanging up with Commissioner Gordon,

I called all of my contacts in all the hospitals, clinics and anything else.

Both as Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

Everyone was anyone was serious pelvic injury specifically to call me immediately.

I told Gordon the same.

That's when I'll Alfred called me,

Through the device in my mask.

"Master Bruce" started Alfred

"Yes Alfred " I respond knowing he hates it when I respond like that,

But The next thing concerned me know quip no motoring, "Alfred is everything OK?"

Concern edging my voice and what most people, lat hear or see.

"No Bruce "

Now I was really worried. Alford just spoke out of turn. he's doesn't do unless the situation is dire what is truly worried for my well-being.

So this was not good seriously not good.

" what is it what's wrong" I say we too concerned now.

"i'm afraid, it's Miss Sarah,"

OK now I'm really worried, if I girlfriend,

Who is been dating for almost 6 months now. And had started as. Just one of The girls.

At the Playboy Bruce Wayne. Could and would date.

Look I know at, sounds bad And it probably is But just.

Honestly though, just 15 minutes with her and I knew she was,

More at just a, playboys dream. Or

A "messed Bruce" Alfred's voice, cutting through my though. Vaguely I wonder how long he been saying my name before I responded

"what about Sarah" I say concern completely and my Voice full force now.

" will she seriously injured. She claimed it was another climbing accident.

I don't even know if that's possible."

A pause hung up for Alfred said after this.

" OK,,,,, "I take a deep breath. "Do whatever needs to be done."

"Will as always sir"

Notting I realize you can't see me.

"Good" is the only thing I can get out

At as the commissioner drives up.

" Alfred I'll be home as soon as I get all this sorted out"

, I sever the connection and walk over to meet the commissioner

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