Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


8. Winning her heart

 I walked home around 11 to get ready for my date. When I walked inside, Jay was sitting on the couch.

 "Hi." I said.

 "I'm not talking to you." Jay growled.

 "You talked to me to tell me that." 

 He growled and walked into the kitchen.

 I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to get dressed.

 I left the house shortly after and went back to Marie's house. I knocked on her door with flowers in my hand.

 She opened her door and hugged me.

 She had a beautiful black dress on. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

 She smiled. I held her hand and kissed her cheek.

 "You look beautiful as always."

 She blushed and smiled.

 She got in my car and we drove to a skating rink.

 "Ki, I'm not a good skater." She laughed.

 "I'll tell you a secret; neither am I. But we could help each other." I smiled.

 "You're crazy, you know that?"

 "I don't give a shit if I'm crazy as long as you're with me." I laughed.

 We walked inside. After we got our skates, we put them on and slowly got onto the main floor.

 Marie held onto me tightly. We fell on the floor and laughed.

 "Have I mentioned how insane you are?" Marie asked and giggled.

 A guy skated up to us.

 "You know there's a kiddy rink, right?" He laughed.

 "No, these roller skates are deformed." I laughed.

 "Totally." Marie smiled and stared at me.

 "Crazies." The guy mumbled and skated away.

 I smiled and held her hand.

 We stood up and sat on a seat.

 I kissed her nose.

 She blushed and I put my arm around her.

 "Hey, look! An arcade!" She smiled.

 "Let's go!"

 "I'll beat you there!" She smiled and I grabbed her hand as she was about to get up.


 "You should probably take off those roller skates." I laughed.

 "I'm too dangerous to think for myself." She laughed and kissed me.

 After we took off our roller skates, we rushed to the arcade.

 Marie stood on a dance floor game.

 She smiled at me.

 "Oh please no." I laughed.

 "Come on, you chicken." She laughed.

 "You're so lucky you mean this much to me." I laughed and climbed up.

 She scrolled through the screen.

 "What song are we dancing to?" I asked.

 "Girlfriend." She smirked.

 "Like I said, so lucky." I laughed.

 She smiled.

 I took a deep breath and the music started.

 I kept glancing between the screen and the dance floor. I looked over at Marie and she was killing it. Soon, I got a hang of it. I heard voices behind us. As the song neared the end, I was breathing hard. At the end, I fell on the floor.

 "I'm not used to exercise." I laughed.

 She smiled and she helped me up.

 People started clapping. We had gotten 50 tickets.

 "Let's go get a soda." She laughed and we held each other's hand.

 "How did you learn to dance like that?" I laughed.

 "I'll explain it later." She smiled.

 As I ordered the drinks, I saw Marie at the prize booth. She was looking at a stuffed animal.

 I smiled and gave her a drink.

 I rushed back to the arcade.

 She followed me.

 I ran to the air hockey table.

 "Who wants to challenge?" I announced.

 A guy walked on the other side.

 "Bring it." I said.

 Marie stood next to my side.

 "Ki, what are you doing?" She laughed.

 "I'm getting you that stuffed animal." I smiled.

 "Awe that's sweet, but you don't have to."

 "I want to."

 She blushed.

 "I need a good luck kiss." I laughed and we kissed.

 I beat him by a landslide and won 30 more tickets.

 After a few more games, Marie and I rushed to the prize booth.

 I handed Marie the bear.

 She smiled and hugged me.

 "You know, you won another prize." She smiled.

 "A kiss?" I smiled.

 "Okay, you won three things." She smiled and kissed me.

 "What was the second thing?" 

 "My heart." She blushed.

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