Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


9. Those Three Words

 When we walked outside, the sky was dark and a cold breeze blew.

 "You know, the night is still young." I smiled.

 "What did you have in mind?"

 We drove to an empty field and climbed on top of my car.

We stared at the stars.

 "It's beautiful out here." She smiled.

 "The funny thing is that the brightest star is right next to me." I smiled.

 She smiled and cuddled next to me.

 I held her close.

 "I'm tired." She yawned and cuddled me tight.

 "We'll probably fall." I laughed and we got off of the car.

 We climbed in the back of the car and cuddled.

 She fell asleep on my chest and I rubbed her back.

 I stared at her.

 "I love you." I whispered and kissed her forehead.


 When I woke up the next morning, I saw Marie holding onto me. She lied there, staring at me.

 I smiled.

 "How long have you been awake?"

 "An hour."

 "You know, you could've woken me up if you wanted to." I laughed.

 "Remember that day when I woke up to see you staring at me?" She asked.


 "You let me sleep. And I think you needed extra seep anyways." She laughed.

 "Don't ever let me dance again." I smiled.

 "Hey, what did you say last night? I was half asleep." She said.

 "Nothing. Don't worry about it." I smiled and kissed her forehead. When I got home that day, Jay was in our room.

 "Jay, I need advice." I said.

 He grumbled.

 "Look, I'm sorry for leaving you to babysit by yourself, but trust me, she hates me and it wasn't going to end up well. Now I need advice."

 He looked at me.

 "Okay, what's bothering you?" He asked.

 "I told Marie I loved her last night as she fell asleep and now I don't know if I should tell her because she might be thinking I'm going too fast." I quickly said.

 "Ki, do you love her?"

 "Yes, but it hasn't been that long since we started dating..."

 "I saw you staring at her even before we were brothers. It doesn't matter about the length of time you've guys known each other, because in the long run, time means nothing. Tell her." Jay said.

 "I can't do this like it's nothing. I need to do something big."

 I grabbed my keys.

 "Where are you going?" Jay asked.

 I already left the room.

 "Okay, that would be one large shake, $5.99." The drive through guy said. 

 When I got home, I got a toothpick and attached a piece of paper.

 I wrote 'To Marie' on the paper and I put the toothpick sticking out of the shake. I started wring a letter.

Dear Marie,

I wasn't sure how to tell you this, but last night when you were half asleep, I told you I loved you. I didn't want you to think I was going too fast, but you mean everything to me. Your eyes are the prettiest that I have seen or will ever see. I love you, Marie. If I have to say it a thousand times, I will.



 I put the note in an envelope and wrote 'Marie' on it with a heart. I taped it to the cup and ran to her house.

 I knocked on her door and when she answered I smiled at her.

 "I have something for you." I smiled and handed her the shake.

 I watched her as she read the letter.

 She smiled and hugged me.

 "I love you, too." She said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

 I wiped her tear away and kissed her nose.

 "I love you more."

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