Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


13. The Truth

This chapter is told in Amelia's Point of view.

 As I walked through the doors, my friends ran up to me.

 "You look like you didn't sleep." They said.

 "I was talking to Ki all night." I smiled.


 "He goes to another school." I said.

"What's the story between you two?"


 "Oh, come on, we can see by the way you're smiling that you have a crush."

 "So what if I do? Look I know he's not into me that way so don't bring it up."

 "Amelia! Seriously, just tell him."

 "I am not doing that." I said and walked to class.

 That night, Ki and I went bowling.

 I rolled my first ball and got a strike.

 "You're on." He laughed and knocked two pins down.
"Or not." I smirked.

 "This is not fair." He said and rolled again. The ball went in the gutter.

 "Well shit." He laughed and sat down.

 When I was about to let go of the ball to roll, Ki started dancing off to the side and my ball went straight to the gutter.

 I looked at him.

 "Oops." He said and sat down.

 "Still getting more points than you." I smirked.

 "Well, okay then, savage."

 I rolled the ball and got the rest of the pins.

 I looked at Ki, whose jaw dropped open.

 "Okay, no more Mr. Nice Guy." He said and rolled the ball, which then landed behind us.


 "Well, damn."

 Ki sat down.

 "I'm innocent." He shouted.

 A guy walked up to us.

 "Did you do that?"

 "No, no, it was the bowling ghost." He stuttered.

 "I'm afraid I have to ask you two to leave." He growled and walked away.

 "I'm sorry, Amelia." He sighed.

 "Dude, you made a ball fly through the air and land behind us. It was awesome." I giggled  and we left.

 A month had passed and Ki and I hung out everyday. One day we were at the arcade and he went around the corner to answer a phone call. I followed him silently.

 "Jay, look, I'm not in love with her. No, okay? It'll end up badly anyways." I heard him say.

 A tear fell from my eye and I walked back to the video game area.

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