Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


10. Heartbreak

 The next day, I decided to stop for a surprise visit to Marie. I had flowers in my hand. I knocked on the door to see her dad answer.

 "Marie is at the skating rink." He said and shut the door.

 When I got to the skating rink, I got my roller skates and looked for her.

 "Johnny, stop!" I heard her giggle.

 I saw a guy kissing her. She was smiling and holding him tight.

 "This can't be happening." I said to myself.

 She looked at me and stopped laughing.

 I shook my head and dropped the flowers on the floor.

 She rushed to me.


 "I can't believe I actually let myself fall for you." I growled.

 "Ki, listen..."

 "I don't want to hear it." I sighed and walked out.

 When I got home, I slammed the front door and ran to the room. Jay walked in shortly after.

 "What's wrong? I'm pretty sure people in China heard that." He asked and sat next to me.

 "She cheated on me, Jay."

 He stared at me.

 "You know, I've heard the expression 'never hit a lady' but she's not a lady, she's a bitch." Jay growled.

 "Jay, no. She's not worth it."

 "Yes, but you are. I wouldn't go to jail for someone who ignores my texts. But Ki, I will go to jail for someone who hurts my brother. Give me a shovel." 

  "No, it's fine." I said.

"No, Ki, it's not. You gave everything to her. Why the fuck would she just do that? What kind of bitch does that?"

 "Jay, please..."

 He ran down the stairs and into the garage. I chased after him.

 "What are you doing?" I asked.

 "Don't worry about it."

He grabbed a shovel and ran outside.

 "Jay, no!"

 I chased him down the street. 

 He knocked on Marie's door. She answered the door and I jumped in the way. The shovel hit me on the head and I fell to the ground. Jay dropped the shovel and helped me up. Marie stood there in shock. 

 My vision was blurry.

 "Ki, are you okay?"

 Before I could answer, I blacked out.

 When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital bed.

 Mom, Jay, and his dad stared at me.

 "What happened?" I asked.

 "You got hit by a shovel." Mom said.

"What? No."

 "Ki, she's serious." Jay's dad said.

 "No seriously, what happened?"

 Mom looked at Jay.

 "You found out Marie was cheating on you and your brother decided to hit her with a shovel, but you jumped in the way."

 "Marie? Cheating? Ha, no. She's my princess." I giggled.

 The doctor walked in.

 "It'll take him a while to get caught up and back to normal. Give it an hour." The doctor said.

 I giggled.

 "You have a white jacket." I said and cracked up laughing.

 "Geez, he sounds drunk..." Jay paused.

 "It's pretty funny." He laughed.

 "Where's my yogurt?" I asked and looked in the blankets.

 "Ki, you don't have any."

 "No, no, I'm pretty sure a unicorn delivered it." I said and continued looking.

 "This is going to be a long hour." Mom said and sat down.

 "Are you kidding? This is a riot." Jay laughed.

 "Jay, you hit him with a shovel." His dad said.

 "Yeah, but I did it out of love."

 "Heh heh, shovel is a funny word." I giggled.

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