Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


5. Friday

Friday, 5:30 PM

 I rushed to my locker and grabbed my books.

 "Why are you still here? It's 5:30." Jay asked.

 "I just got done with math tutoring. I have to get ready. My date is in an hour and a half." I said and rushed out of the doors.

I ran upstairs when I got home.

 "TUX! WHERE IS THE TUX?!" I shouted as I dug through the room.

 I found it under my pillow.

 "HOLY BALLS I FOUND YOU!" I said and grabbed the tux.

 I quickly got dressed and combed my hair.

 I grabbed the flowers and ran down the street.

 When she answered the door she smiled.

 "Why are you breathing so hard?" She laughed.

 "I didn't have a lot of time to get ready and then I couldn't find my tux and I had to hurry." I gasped.

 "I can see that. Your shirt is backwards." She said.

 "No no no no no!" 

 "Hey, Ki, you know, you didn't have to try so hard."

 "But then I would lose you." I said.

 "Ki, you're an amazing guy. You wouldn't have lost me."

 I smiled.

 "Well, you're a pretty amazing girl, too." 

 I held her hand and she smiled.

 "So what do you have planned?" She laughed.

 "You'll see." I smiled.

 We walked down the street to the park. There were usually no kids there on Fridays.

 We sat by the pond.

 "It's beautiful here at night." She smiled.

 "It doesn't compare to you." I smiled.

 She blushed.

 "Doesn't the water look amazing with the moonlight?" She asked.

 "It really does. What's this?" I asked and crouched down beside the water.

 "What do you see?"

 I picked a sea shell out of the water.

 "There usually aren't sea shells in here." She said.

 "There usually aren't many chances to meet someone like you, much less go out with them. Miracles happen." I smiled.

 She blushed and stared at me.

 "There's something inside of it. Open it." I smiled and handed it to her.

 I watched as she opened it. She gasped.

 She took out a necklace, with a wooden heart. The heart had her initials carved into it.

 She looked at me.

 "I know it's not fancy or anything." I sighed.

 She hugged me.

 "It's perfect, Ki."

 I stared into her eyes and kissed her cheek. 

 She smiled and held me close.

 "Hey, Marie, would you be my girlfriend?" I asked.

 "Of course."


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