Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


17. Forgiveness

  I held Amelia tight.

"Do you think we'll be okay?" She asked.


 After we got to the house, dad lead us to the extra room.

 "Get comfortable." He said and left the room.

 "Ki, I'm worried."

 "Don't be." I said and held her tight.

 "But we don't have any money and no money for the wedding or an apartment and then my dad might find us-" Amelia cried.

 "I'll get a job." I said.

 "But what about my dad?" 

 "I won't let anything happen to you." I said and stared into her eyes.

 "How did I get so lucky?" She asked, staring back into mine.

 "I ask myself that everyday."

 She held me close.

 I rubbed her back.

 "Ki, what if dad sees you at work, though? He'll hurt you."

 "We live a few cities away. Amelia, don't worry, okay? I'd do anything to protect you."

 "I just get so paranoid..."

 "I know. So do I." I said and kissed her nose.

 Dad walked in.

 "Amelia, would you give us a minute?" Dad asked.

 Amelia was about to leave but I grabbed her hand.

 "Dad, anything you have to say you can say in front of us both."

 "Okay, well, I'm going to Australia for a few months." He said.


 He walked out of the door.

 I stared at the door as it closed.

 "Ki, are you okay?" Amelia asked.

 "Why did I trust him?" I sighed.

 "I'm sure he'll be back." Amelia said.

 "Only one way to find out." 

 I went to his room.

 I looked through the desk to see an old note.

 "He kept this?" I asked, my mouth wide open.

 I stared at the note as Amelia lied her head on my shoulder.

 "I can't believe this."

 "What do you think?" Amelia asked.

 "I honestly don't know."

 I set the note back into the drawer and sighed.

 "Hey, Ki, let's watch a movie while you let that settle in."

 I held her hand, "Okay."

 We walked into the living room and I sat down.

 Amelia lied down and put her head on my lap as I ran my fingers through her hair.

 "Ki, I feel bad."


 "You gave up everything to be with me. You're not going to graduate, you left your family, your dream about going to college..." She sighed.

 I looked at her.

 "I only have one dream, and that's not it." I said.

 "What is it?" Amelia asked.

 I looked into her eyes.

 "I'm staring at her beautiful face right now."

 She blushed.

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