Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


2. Family Dinner

 I saw mom and her boyfriend sitting at the table. The smell of chicken filled the air.

 I sat at the table just as Jay reached the bottom of the stairs.

 As we ate, Jay and I exchanged glares.

 "Dad, why are they even here? I mean, it's just temporary, right?" Jay asked.

 "Well..." He said and held my mom's hand.

 "Please say it's temporary." I gulped.

 "Don't worry, kids."

 I let out a sigh of relief and ate a piece of chicken.

 "Yes, you guys don't have to worry about anybody leaving, because me and Mona are getting married." He smiled and spit put my chicken, which then landed in Jay's lap.
"Ew!" Jay growled.

 "Please say that's not true!" I shouted.

 "Now, honey, I know it'll take some time to get used to." Mom said.

 "I am going to die. I am really going to die. This is the day I die." Jay panicked.

"I'm going for a walk." I growled and got up.

 I put on my jacket and walked out of the door.

 Thoughts swirled in my head like a dust storm. How could any of this be happening?

 I heard footsteps chasing after me.

 "Ki!" Jay shouted.

 I looked at him and growled.


 "Look, I know why I'm upset about this but why are you? You have the coolest guy in school as your brother. Do you know how many doors will be open? The cool table, extra milks at lunch, bathroom passes. We're talking about the whole nine yards!"

 "Jay, we're not in middle school. Have you ever thought that bathroom passes and extra milk won't help you get into college?" I growled.

 "I just don't understand why you don't want me as a brother. Your cool status will be raised ten levels!"

  "I already get compared to the smartest kids in school, Jay. Imagine what it would be like getting compared to my cool brother as well." I sighed.

 "What?" He asked.

 "I can't win here, Jay. I'm not cool, I'm not smart, I'm not popular... all I am going to be now is the kid who lives in everybody's shadow."

 "I didn't think of it that way."

 I sighed.

 "But, everyone calls you smart."

 "Yeah, well, it always looks clear in the eye of the hurricane."

 I started walking away.

 "Ki?" Jay asked.

 I looked back.


 "I'm sorry for picking on you all those years."

 "Thanks." I nodded.

 I kept walking as Jay walked home.

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