About LDShadowLady aka the best youtuber ever


4. The Pixel Pact

 The pixel pact is an all girls youtube team with gamers , vloggers and artists. The main members of the group are Yammy , Mitty , Lizzie , Vengelfe , NyanStrike , and KittyKat. The three affiliates of the group are Laurenzside , Kaleidow and Elleanora. All of the girls are from differn't parts of the world. The group announced that they were ending the pixel pact in 2015. The pixel pact has 13 uploades as of October 11th 2013. As of October 11th (same goes for all info) the pixel pact had 48,159 subscribers and 1,298,517 views on their videos. Unfortunatly there is not much information on the pixel pact.


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