There is a time in everyone’s life when they find out...


1. Runaway

“I need to runaway....!” Jessie, a sixteen year old girl with blonde hair and hazel brown eyes, whisper yelled to herself as she found out she was compatible for the Military. She desperately glanced around. She found an exit and darted for it.

    “Hey! Get back here!” A barley and menacing voice echoed as she darted for the exit.

    “I-I can’t! I can’t go in!” Jessie shouted. She glanced back, seeing guards chasing her. She got out of the concrete building and darted into the woods.

    The guards sighed, then growled in disapprovement. Turning, they ran back to the building. Jessie was safe, or so she thought. She stopped to catch her breath. As she did so, she looked around, scanning her surroundings.

    Why am I scanning the area...? That’s what the Military people do! She thought to herself, confused. I can’t be compatible for the Military.... Can I? She shook her and looked back at the small town she came to know and love. I can’t go back, though... She sighed as tears started to form in her hazel brown eyes.

    Hearing a growling noise, she turned, red eyes looking straight into her own. She screamed, terrified as the creature jumped upon her. No! Not now! I was almost free! She was crying.

Now on the ground, she saw what the creature was. A.... Scorpio?! She was freaked out. She grabbed a stick off the ground and blocked the stinger, trying to not be stung. Rather than attacking again, the giant scorpion-like creature... Howled.

    Jessie was confused. Soon, a Hellhound came up and the Scorpio got off of her. She sat up, only to feel surging pain in her leg. Her eyes widened, muscles tightened, and teeth clenched. She was bitten by the Hellhound! She was dragged through the brush, the sticks on the ground scratching and scraping her face up. She was screaming and flailing, but stopped as the pain become even more intense as the Hellhound put more pressure into his bite, tired of her antics.

    The Hellhound brought her to a clearing, where lie dead bodies of others. Some of them she recognized. Tears streaming down her tan skin, she started to wail. This is where it all ends! She cried in her head.

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