roy a love story

this is a love story about joy sing, and ron wesley alternet povs


6. the date

this friday me and hana went to honeydukes because

we were early to get presents for people,than by 12,

i met the very shy ron with a very small silly present

for him.when i told her about the incident that called

all this,she put a spider that will enlarge once the box

opens. i LOVE hana she is soo smart!!! since it was

valentine's day(February)i was wereing hanas warm

black winter clock with a nice colourful skirt to make

up for the black  and toped it of with so pink nail

polish and so sparkley pink lip gloss.i saw ron in

one of the boths in a deep conversation with harry.

harry saw me and jerked rons head up towards my 

direction. he looked so shocked that all i could manage 

was a 'hey' to ronand. harry left us to our privecy 

 to meet cho chang,hana went to meet draco, and

hana's twin with we were alone, ron

ordered us a butter bear that we talked over. 

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