roy a love story

this is a love story about joy sing, and ron wesley alternet povs


1. intro

i am joy i have black hip length curly hair, in year 6,currently dating

Ron Wesley. i was very quiet an kept to my self untill that

day last year. i remember it like it was just moments ago.

i wasagenst a window near the grifindor coman room (im

in hufflpuff) reading the daily prophet. many grifindors were

walking in and gossiping about there day. once the comotion

died down i started reading my potions text books with all my

modifications, than i heard an ear piercing Shrek from the

comman room. i had heard the password so i said it and

entered the comman room. it was ron. SOMEONE (aka

hana jackson, yes yes Percy jacksons twin (in my other

book Drana) 

had enlarged a spider that was in thecomman room. ron

weasley had a ginormus fear of spider an so do i but not

as much, hana was teasing me and enlarged the

spider because i teased her about how draco malfoy and

her became boyfriend.

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