Murdered Memories

An entry for a 300-word short story writing contest I joined.


1. Murdered Memories

I sat in my cell on the same position for the hours that I’ve been here. I’ve been here for only five hours yet it felt like a lifetime. I am in shock, I’m at awe. I can’t believe that I’m here. For murder.

Murder! Me! A murderer! A woman who can’t even kill a fly and stomach gore movies. But I guess the police don’t consider that and still went on jailing me for a crime I didn’t even commit.

They thought I killed my own boyfriend. But I did not and they thought I did because it was me beside him in that blood-clad floor, with the knife in my hands. I didn’t even remember them coming and arresting me. Everything was a blur until I’m inside this cell.

How did they even know that a crime happened? Someone surely called 911 but who? I was the only one in the house when I went home. I was alone until my boyfriend showed up and surprised me. He even bought dinner; today is our anniversary which I forgot about.

We were happy eating in my dining room. We weren’t in a fancy restaurant but it still felt magical.

And then…

I stood up in my cell for the first time since being here. I’m pacing, my heart hammering. I’m chewing the insides of my lip.

I cannot remember anything after that. For the first time, the possibility of me killing Jonathan dawned on me.

I cannot remember anything. Was it the wine? I’ve barely had three glasses.

Dinner. Jonathan. Screaming. Me. On the floor. Knife on my hand. Blood. Jonathan. Dead.

Did I miss something in between? Was there someone else there? Did I kill Jonathan?

And then… I remember.

The next thing I hear were my screams. 

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