Small Undertale stories

just little undertale stories me and my friends make.


2. UnderWorld

Before the story, im just saying this was made by my friend Chance for a project we had to do with Mythology so there will be greek gods, so lets get started.





Long ago, three races ruled over the Earth as equals: humans, gods, and monsters. One day, a war broke out between them and, after a long series of battles, the humans were victorious. Seven of their greatest magicians sealed the monsters to the Underground with a magic barrier, while the humans took control of the surface. However, the barrier is not a perfect seal, and the only point of entrance to the Underground is Mount Ebott..Many years after the war, a human child falls through Mount Ebott and into the caverns a small section of the Underground, The human’s name is Frisk. Frisk is about to go on an amazing journey that he can choose to give mercy, or end the race of monsters, by killing them.

What is the fate that are little young hero going to do?


After the long painful drop Frisk found himself on a bed on yellow flowers he pondered around the strange setting around him.When Frisk was walking around he found a strange yellow flower, he walk up to the flower. then he hears a voice,”Howdy…. I'm Flowey...Flowey the flower,you seem lost human, down here monster attack your soul with spells, and your soul can only   take so much and that much is called your health gauge. may hits,here have some of my “friendliness pellets” weird strange deadly looking spike appeared after Flowey said that,they were getting closer to frisk it made him uncomfortable “you idiot Flowey yelled down here  it's Kill or be killed”! Then the spikes got faster and closer to frisk. “Stop you fallacious flower”. said a voice,then a Small fireball burst onto flowey. And then Flowey started to writher. But before Flowey withered fully he said “thanks for showing me how im going to taking over this world surface to bottom and core”. Hi my name Toriel and I will take care of you from now on.So Frisk followed Toriel,she explained that in these cavern there were puzzles and tricks.She took frisk to a house she said that it was her house,she then asked Frisk if he wanted cinniman or butterscotch,he replied with cinniman.She said “do you mind if their is butterscotch instead?”?                                                                                                                     Frisk said no he did not mind.She showed him his new room and then hurried off into her kitchen. The Frisk fell asleep, when Frisk woke up, then he found a plate of cinnamon and butterscotch pie. He pick up his pie, and then he walk out to the living room. And he saw Toriel, and Toriel look from a book called “1,000 useless facts about snails.” “Hi Frisk, why didn't you eat that slice of pie yet?” “Oh!” “Silly of me why didn't I give you a fork!”

                                                                                                                                    Frisk looks up and asks “How do I leave the ruins?”Totally Shocked Toriel answer “oh you silly boy you can stay here and be safe from everything! Monsters,people, and especially the GOD AND GODDESS!”  But Frisk didn't care about the situation he knew that to go back and he had to do whatever it takes to get there.  


Toriel told Frisk to stay there and said that she had to “take care” of something.Frisk was curious and followed her down to the basement,finally toriel stopped at a strange door,”This is the door to the human realm and i'm going to destroy it”A strange magic energy was vibrating from Toriel and flames started to rise from behind toriel “and if you want to go back you have to get pass me”Then it had felt has a battle or fight had begun.Fireballs were hurled at Frisk he quickley dodged out of the way,He remembered Flowey saying something about his soul,but what did he meant by that he thought,Frisk didn't want to harm toriel so he continuously moved out of the way from her attacks.Eventually she stopped and asked “why are you not attacking me?” Frisk had thought to himself “why didn't I harm her,If i wanted to go back so badly?”Frisk replied and said that he didn't want to harm anyone. “She finally stopped and said you may pass, and by the way don’t ever come back.” she said that with a sigh.Frisk walked passed toriel and opened the door…….Frisk had awakened in another odd place, “did he reach back home”he thought,Frisk started to shiver it was a cold vast forest there was   surprisingly a lot of snow.He decided to explore the place,as he was walking he heard a branch on the ground snap…….He was a little frightened by this it felt as if someone was following him. “turn around” a voice called,Frisk slowly turned around “don't you know how to shake someone's hand” the voice said again,Frisk put out his and a shook the weird figures hand…… BUZZZ! his hand had then began shaking “Ha electric buzzer always gets them”said the voice…  Frisk looked more closely at the figure it was a short skeleton with a blue hoodie.. “hi Im Sans..Sans the skeleton” Sans was a calm and relaxed skeleton.Frisk found Sans to be entertaining. “Listen”he said “my brother papyrus is trying to capture a human so he can become part of the Royal guard, so you better watch out for him okay.” “Sans!” “Oh no Papyrus is coming!” “YOU BETTER HIDE BEHIND THAT CONVENIENTLY SHAPE LAMP!” “Sans who are you talking to?”Frisk walk behind the lamp that was shaped exactly like him.   


Papyrus you should look behind the lamp. “No stop playing your tricks Sans when am part of the Royal guard then you better treat me right” Sans said “Okay” Papyrus was satisfied.


Sans ask “If you can play along with him being captured.”Frisk said shook his head no that he didn't mind if play along at all.“Thanks” Sans said.  And Sans said “Go on to my brother Papyrus and you be fine.” So Frisk walked along and found Papyrus. And coughed and then Papyrus turned around and said “Sans!, Don't cough when we hunting for a human, don't know any……” Then he noticed that he talking to Frisk. And grab him you clever human being to get pass all of my amazing, clever, complex for dumb little humans like you. Well you only had camera in the bushes and a big gap fence. “ Sans let's go to the capital and I will become of the Royal guard”. Then All of sudden Frisk was sacked. After a long time Sans untied the sack and said “Thank, you can go now if want.” Frisk  said “that he might get home this way” So Sans ties up the sack. And then darkness started to come in again. Then someone started to untie the sack when Frisk to fall  asleep.Papyrus Started to say that Frisk will be sent to the king to decide if he will become part of the Royal guard. Then  Papyrus said “good night.” Then some purple gas fell upon Frisk then he became very sleepy, SLEEP GAS! Then are hero fell asleep for good. When Frisk woke up, he saw a monster with broad shoulders, a blond mane and bread, two large curving horns blue cape with yellow pauldrons. And a crown, the king! My name is Asgore and the king of all monsters. I Am very sorry but must have your soul, and nice guy so let us fight instead of me killing unfairly, shall we then. Asgore’s heart started to glow, and so was Frisk’s heart too, so he must ready for this.  And then Frisk heart started to leave his body and to go in a weird looking box “Don’t know fight here.” “So let me teach you.” “So when I attack you bullet will appear and your soul will be guided by your thoughts so think wisely.” “I will go first.” Asgore said. Then the bullets like Asgore's said. So Frisk thought how I move my soul out the bullets way. Wait left, his soul quickly move out of the way, of the bullet’s way. Your turn,so what you do for living garden for my free time see, then he step out the way and a little patch of grass was there. Asgore got on his knee and said”I can't do this just kill me!” Frisk put out his hand said “come on big guy get up.” Wait did you spare me you could've kill me. “That wouldn't get me home” Asgore's Starts to cry and Starts to bleed from his stomach. He fell face first and then Frisk saw Flowey. “Tisk, tisk ,when will you learn its kill or be killed, this bozo didn't kill so he was to be killed.” Now the six soul to be recreated, as my true form, then Flowey change to someone frisk knew look familiar, but not sure whoever he was, “you help to make the prince to this world.” The lord this world hades, the king of this world the surface and all gods and goddesses too.””You dumb child” Now it's my turn for the fight against the hero that going to die a pitiful death the king of lands oceans supernatural beings of earth behold my true power. Frisk and Hades started to glowing the battle just begun. The box appeared his soul move to the box so you little boy see, my little soul can do then on his arm a green heart appeared. And green gun appears and aloud bang came somewhere, Frisk then realized that he was shot in the gut and fell over.And woke and black void of nothingness, 6 hearts appeared and, the colors were green, blue,  gold,orange, purple, pink. a voice Said “don’t give up, you only been weakened call for help, call for help, help. Frisk called for help. And suddenly woke up heal from the bullet wound.  And seventh soul appeared as well,back to black void nothingness a younger version of Toriel was here and said you must do his for me and the king, and the other 5 kids, you must do it for the children. Frisk said why am just kid that fighting a god. You got me the king , jack, Sam, Pamela, Andres, and junior for help. And everyone is supporting you on this too. What do you mean. What do I mean, Sans, Papyrus, mommy too. Mommy? Toriel,I been watching you this whole time Frisk. I know you are one to do this. What happened to you. Me oh the first child down here Chara was my adopted sister, when she got sick she felt worse everyday so, one day she ask me to take her to a flower garden, and I accepted to do it.And then….she died a foot away from the flower patch. The humans came and saw Chara so they thought I killed her, so they tried to kill me,And some blood and fur was on a flower and then scientist put deterioration in it then hades took over the flower. That what happened Asriel said. Frisk woke up, and hades was shouting and start to wither like when he was withering when he was a flower. All 7 souls burst out, and Hades  turn to ashes. And died And Asgore, Asriel appears in the flower patch of sunflowers. And Sans, Papyrus were there too. All 5  souls were on Frisk wrist, And Asgore said you have the power to break the barrier.Please break it, so we will be free. Ok how then, just walk up this path. And Frisk broke the barrier. And the Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore, and Asariel made a little home to live in together.  With race humans and monsters.

Then one day zeus came from the sky and said thank you for saving the world from natural disasters. Your welcome, and good bye.

Bye, I hope to see you again.


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