Small Undertale stories

just little undertale stories me and my friends make.


1. Determination


(This is a play sort of setting so bare with me ;))

CHARActers: Chara Frisk Sans Flowey.


(*Sans and Frisk are in the hotlands together stacking hotdogs on each others heads, Frisk then falls down from the unbalanced stacking).                                     


Sans: yalright kid?


Frisk nods.


Sans: so… about what happened earlier… we gotta stop doing that.

We can’t just… reset timelines like that. It might have side-effects on things we DON’T want to happen.

Imagine it as a matter of probabilities.

The more we screw around with the timelines… the more are the chances of bad things to happen. At aren’t supposed to be here will appear.

So keep and eye out for anything that seems… “odd” k?

Frisk nods again.

Alright then, if ya need me, give paps a ring. I’ll be there


Frisk then goes into the true lab out of curiosity because he/she heard a strange sound…

While walking. Frisk steps in a pile of residue from a monster. Frisk continues. Then spots what appears to be a monster named Chara.


Chara: These “errors” are fun you know? I also found out that you only need DETERMINATION to exist in this world. And those weird… melted monsters game me enough to exist for a good while.


Frisk get’s ready to reset.

But suddenly. It disappears


Chara: even enough to match YOURS.


Flowey then appears looking around the corner spying on them.


Flowey: Why is that brat taking so long?


Chara then throws Frisk in the DETERMINATION extractor.


Chara: And with your determination in my power things will be way easier.


Flowey then looks scared to think that Chara might kill him with that power.

Flowey then goes into the ground to go and look for help. Then spots sans…


While sans is sleeping Flowey interrupts him.


Flowey: HEY! Smiley trashbag wake up!


Sans: well now… what are you doing here?


Flowey: It’s Chara. They got Frisk.


Sans: why are you even telling me this?


Flowey: Don’t get me wrong… I still hate you.

But none of us would survive if they get control over the timeline…


Sans and Flowey then team up to defeat Chara.

Chara then conceals Frisk so they can’t get the Determination back.


Chara: How cute…

Chara lifts his knife in the air.

Chara: This will be interesting.

Chara: We got a comedian… A traitor… And a “megalomaniac”.


Soon as you know it Flowey and san’s friendliness pellets and bones and chara’s knife strikes are flying through the air.


After a long fight sans is exhausted.


While chara and flowey are still standing.


Chara: This is all your fault. We just had to get 6 souls. But you decided to show them mercy… You betrayed me Asriel. We ended up like this because of you. But I won’t show you ANY mercy. It’s kill or be killed after all.


Frisks’ determination is now extracted. And whoever get’s it first will have full power…


Chara then teleports to get teh determination but before you know it. Flowey grabs chara’s are with his vine with all might.


Flowey the shouts: NOW SANS!!!


And sans gets ready to grab the determination but suddenly… Chara throws his knife into his other hand and cuts it off… Then grabs it before sans does…


Sans and Flowey then grab Frisk out of the extractor bringing him home…

Now that Chara has full power. He saves that game that then says. “Determination”.


Hey guys, this was made by my friend Andres

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