The Diary of a b*tch

This is as diary of a girl everyone calls bitch. But is she? What if we're all just misunderstood? what if we're all not that diffrent? What i see as red, you might see as blue? What is the meaning of life? Why does humen got so mch power in this world.
- This story is really about the wounders of life, coming from a high school girl, who might get the best look on the biggest questions in life.


1. 0.

Hello there. My name is Sierra Parks. I'm 16 years old. God, I don't know how to do this... You must understand, this is the first time I write a diary. And to be honest, it's harder than I thought.

I've heard that some people come up with names for their diaries. You know, to make it more personal. So what should I be calling you..? I remember when I was a kid, I had this imaginary friend called Titi. Don't even ask me why, we'll get to that story later. Hmm... Maybe I should call you Titi? Then it would be like I was writing to you.

Wauw... I don't feel like writing more today. Let's call this the introduction to this newfound friendship, or what ever. It could be the chapter before the first chapter. Like: "chapter 0" I guess I'll write you again tomorrow. Then that would be "chapter 1." Yeah... I like where this is going. Okay, soo goodbye.

I should properly come up with something more stylish like: "Love Sierra" or something else, now that I think about it. I think anything would be better than just goodbye. But I want it to be something original. Something, that I came up with. I will work on that for tomorrow.

C U 2morrow Titi :-*

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