The Immortality Elixir

When an alchemist offers the King of Aedis the Immortality Elixir, everything begins to turn upside down. The King gets blamed for the death of his wife and his daughter gets cursed by her own grandmother. He would do anything to protect his daughter from getting in harm's way, but maybe he is already too late. Not a soul in Aedis works without a motive.


4. Chapter 3

June 13, 1794


It has been exactly two years since Elvira left. I’ve spent every day hoping - dreaming that she’ll come back, but it never happens. Is it fair for me to expect a beautiful Commoner girl who has found love in the eyes of the Royal heir to come trotting back to me? After all, I cannot offer her a even a fraction of what she has now. Although my love will always be with her.

She may have forgotten what it was like to live in the villages. She may have entirely forgotten her life with me. But there isn’t a minute that passes by without me missing her. I wish I could turn back time to when Ella and I were so in love that not another soul mattered to us. Those were the happy days, when the people around us would go on ranting about the abhorrent discrimination and superiority of the Royal family, but to us, all was good as long as we didn’t get intruded upon in our spot behind the dilapidated old millhouse.

Now, my world no longer spins. My life has gone dry like the barren lands that once used to thrive with acres of fresh vegetation. A gaping pit exists inside my aching heart as it desperately awaits to be filled with what it has lost. Unfortunately though, it fails to comprehend that what’s lost... is lost forever.




August 23, 1794


    I can smell the putrid scent of rotting corpses when I walk down the streets of our town. Apparently providing adequate land for the burial of the deceased Commoners has proven to be an unnecessary expense for the Royals. They would much rather construct holiday bungalows for the Nobles to retreat to when the weather got slightly unpleasant in the Northern regions of Aedis. I’m glad to see they know their priorities well.

    I still go by Ella’s house to join Agatha for a cup of tea every now and then. Her endless rambles of the ‘loathsome king and his filthy family’ never cease to entertain me. I have to admit, her monologues may be slightly exaggerated, but there definitely is truth in what she says. It isn’t just the fact that she is blinded by her hatred towards them for stealing her daughter from her. They truly are ruthless, unjust, narcissistic fools with power they absolutely don’t deserve to exercise. Agatha seems to have rubbed off on me, hasn’t she?

    Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when she laid out her beautifully sketched scheme. Not only would she overthrow the king, but she’d bring Elvira back to us as well. And all it took was a vial of an immortality elixir. Now where would a mediocre artist such as me find a elixir that had only been heard of in myths and legends? And even if I were to somehow stumble upon such a thing, it is an absolute impossibility that I can afford it.

    So came as no surprise when Agatha elaborated on her plan stating that she didn’t need the Elixir at all. But what did come as a surprise, though, was how simple, yet completely ingenious it was. Three steps:

Brew a poisonous concoction that killed any Royal who consumed it and call it The Immortality Elixir.

Go to the King’s Castle and offer Elvira’s betrothed (who is soon to be crowned the King of Aedis) and convince him to drink it.

The king dies. Elvira takes the throne. I get her back. Together, we rule Aedis. No more Royals. No more prejudice.



January 9, 1795


The King passed away several months after his Queen had died. The throne has been taken over by Carlyle, Elvira’s betrothed. The alchemist preparing the concoction for us has asked for another month to test its properties before we use it. I can almost feel her at my fingertips. Agatha’s plan is pure perfection.



February 8, 1795

    The Immortality Elixir is ready to be used. The alchemist vaguely mentioned a few of the potion’s properties, although I didn’t bother enough to listen close. I believe he said something about the potion being linked to the Royal Blood. It only permanently kills members of the Royal family. If a non-Royal consumes the potion, their death can be reversed with the death of a Royal Blood. If consumed by a Royal, it kills instantly, and permanently. Not that any of it mattered. My only intention is to pour it down Carlyle’s mouth. My mind is buzzing with so much excitement that I can barely keep my hand from dancing as I write this. I will be reunited with the love of my life so very soon.

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