Louise White


2. Small bit about her

Louise white came from a small place in the UK called Scotland. As people say she was from the 'rough' bit of it, but really Glasgow wasn't the worst of Scotland , Aberdeen was worse. Louise enjoyed how pretty the country was and how the hills and the grass always looked so fresh , but the weather was also perfect for Louise. Louise didn't particularly like heat and therefore enjoyed the temperatures Scotland could get to and the whole of the U.K. in that matter. 

The day her parents came in and told her they were going to be moving thousands of miles away Louise almost cried, the fact she had friends here and she liked the weather and America was so... Warm... Louise was the palest thing you could meet and she liked it that way, she liked how her skin was, the colour of it. Even if it was warm Louise would rarely expose herself to sunlight. "You're such a weird child , Louise" her parents would often say. Either way Louise had to get into that seven hour flight and start a new in America. 

Louise often tried to make friends but she had never been the best at it. Louise was 16 and well, socially awkward. She would often keep to a few people and that would be her, which was what she planned to do to with her new home.

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