Louise White



Louise was brought into the world in the year 1996 on the 28th December by her parents Sandra Cumming and James White. Her parents were not married at that moment and time. Louise was originally supposed to be born on the 25th and literally be a Christmas baby. 

Louise's parents got married when Louise was four and a half and also in Florida. Yes, the world of DisneyLand. The wedding was small and only had close relatives to it, they stayed in a small cottage for a few weeks and the wedding chapel was literally in the middle of a mall, it had a McDonalds right next to it, bonus, right? I don't even know. Apart from the fact that it was where it was the inside of it was beautiful. Louise wore a beautiful floral dress to this and never even threw the petals that lay in the basket she held. Louise remembers while her parents were in the middle of saying their vows just to simply ask , 'daddy, can I pour my petals out' the minister had laughed at four year old Louise as her father nodded. 

Louise eventually grew up to become a small girl and started school, her first day starting with pigtails hanging from the side of her head, in soft curly ringlets. She then grew even bigger, graduating until she was leaving her first primary school. 

Louise then moved onto high school and that's what made her who she is today. The emo, trash girl to be exact. The one whom is in love with people that don't even know she exists. Louise almost finds it hard to make friends but once you get to know her she's most likely the weirdest , nicest girl you'll ever meet.

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