Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


12. Twelve

"So Emma, tell me about you." Ethan said, as we walked to our mutual class, Music. He had failed to notice all the people staring at him as we walked down the somewhat crowded hallway, making our way to an isolated room labeled Music, at the door.
"I'm 17-"
"No.. tell me about who you are as in your opinions, not facts about you." he said chuckling, as we entered Music with Mr. Gordon.
"Okay. I appreciate music and art, I think it takes people to another dimension. It's.. I'm sorry, it's silly." I said, realizing I was talking about myself too much.  I hated talking about myself, it felt very self-absorbed to me.
"No please, I'm sure it's not silly. Your opinions matter. I want you to tell me about you, I'm listening okay?" he stated, very sincerely. He rested his elbow on the desk, not once looking away from me. His muscles doubled the size now, and every other girl in the room had noticed. Even Mr. Gordon.

"Hey! Hello big guy, not to interrupt your conversation but.. who are you?" Mr. Gordon asked Ethan, causing the whole class to look at him, and me.
"Hi.. I'm new, my name is Ethan.. Dolan." Ethan said, awkwardly scratching his head. Even his most innocent movements, caused every girl in the class to drool.
"Okay Ethan, you already made a friend, and it's a girl! How great. But it's a simple class. You don't talk till I take the attendance, and after that you do whatever the hell you want. You respect me, I respect you, got it?" Mr. Gordon explained. He was a very chill teacher, which is something everyone appreciated.
"Yessir." Ethan replied just as chill as Mr. Gordon, which I'm sure impressed our chill teacher.

After the attendance, Ethan faced me again. Oh god, I hope he had forgotten our last conversation.

"So.. you were giving your opinion on music and art?" Ethan brought up, unfortunately.
"Well I just think it's cool how people that don't even speak the same languages can be brought together, because of music. And it's even crazy how all these people have such diverse perspectives, on simple things like food and clothes. Don't you think it's crazy that you could see a bird for the first time ever and think 'Wow, I've never seen it before' while someone who has seen that bird everyday, in front of their bedroom window could think 'Ugh, it's this bird again' and all that can be put aside because of simple sounds called music." I finished my little monologue, feeling very embarrassed after.
"Uh.." Ethan said, pausing for a while. "I think it's pretty great that you can acknowledge somethings more significantly than others. I think that you are very wise, for your age. And I think I'd like to take you out."
"Wait.. what?" I asked a bit shocked. I rant about birds, and this magnificently beautiful creature asks me out?
"What?" he asked back, confused.
"You don't think that I'm weird?" I asked, chuckling at his amusement.
"I think that you're different, and different isn't bad. It's just different." he replied quoting what I had said earlier, flashing a smile that revealed his pearly whites.
"Oh. But.."
"No.. I hate buts."
"Ethan I have a boyfriend, I thought we were talking as friends.. I'm sorry, I didn't even think you were interested in me." I said, uncomfortably. I felt like I had led him on.
"Oh.. uhm. Okay why don't we go out as friends, I respect whatever your decision is. But I still think you're dope, and even if as friends, I'd like to get to know you more." he replied, not once hesitating like I had.
"Oh! Great! That sounds great." I replied, relieved and excited to have made a new friend. 
"Great, I'll meet you by the main entrance at the end of the day." he stated confidently, getting up from his chair. 
"Sure. We have lunch next, if you'd like to sit with me and my friends." I politely said, just as the bell rang.
"Uh who do you sit with? Maybe I might know someone, my distant cousins go here probably." he said casually.
"Caroline, Matt, Tyler, Tammy and Stefan." I named, getting a bit excited at the thought of Stefan.
"Well, I don't think I know any of them." he replied. "Plus I think I'll skip lunch for today, but thanks for the offer sweetheart." he added, waving me goodbye and walking down the same hallway we came from.

He vanished. He walked away. But his aura didn't. It was like I could still sense him. He had this bright and sweet charm about him that it was impossible not to think about him. I still didn't find him attractive in that way, I don't know why. But it was more like a mystery about him, that kept him on my mind.

I saw Stefan in lunch, sitting down with the rest of our group.
"Emma, hey." he said, getting up and hugging me, then kissing my cheek. Tyler eyed us, with a sense of protectiveness, not necessarily jealousy.
"Hey." I replied. "Hey guys."
"Hey, have you guys seen that new kid?" Tammy, of course was the first one to bring up the gossip.
"Who the hell is that, everyone keeps talking about him and it hasn't even been a full day of school." Tyler added, annoyed clearly.
"What new kid?" Stefan asked, confused.
"There's this new kid who moved recently and he is the most beautiful thing ever." Tammy filled Stefan in.
"Ew Tammy! He's not a thing." Caroline defended. Matt chuckled.
"His name is Ethan." I finally said, annoyed that this was what we were talking about. I was trying to get my mind off of him.
"You know him?" Tammy asked, shocked and very excited.
"He's in my class." I replied, knowing she'd get mad if I said I had 2 whole classes with him.
"Did you talk to him? How does his mind-blowing, sexy voice sound?" she asked, earning an eye-roll from everyone at our table.
"He's nice, I'll talk to him for you." I replied, winking at her.
"Oh my god! You're the best!" Tammy yelled, very happy with me.
"What's his name?" Stefan asked, still confused.
"Ethan." I replied, pretended to fix his hair. But secretly, I just wanted to touch his ridiculously soft hair.
"That's weird." he murmured, as Matt and Caroline got up to get food.
"What is?" I asked, as Tammy and Tyler joined them. I wasn't in the mood to eat, and Stefan wasn't hungry. Inside joke.
"Nothing, so is Ethan or whatever really that handsome? Should I be worried?" Stefan asked, furrowing his eyebrows.
"You have absolutely nothing to worry about. He just needs a friend, and I'm that for him." I replied.
"Alright." he said, leaning in to kiss me.

The best thing about Stefan was his security. He trusted me, and he was secure in himself, something that my past relationships didn't include. It was great being with somebody who was happy in the moment, and never once doubted my loyalty. It was great being with Stefan.

"Wait, Ethan? That's really his name?" Stefan asked again breaking the kiss, suspicious.
"Yea Ethan Dolan. Why?" I asked, a bit worried now.
"Oh.. no." he simply said, getting up at once and walking towards the exit of the cafeteria. 

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