Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


9. Nine

"I think the spell wore off by now." Damon said, as Stefan turned the volume of the radio down. "It's been like 2 hours. They're dead supernaturals, they don't have enough power to cast a spell for long." 
"What if it didn't wear off and I die?" I asked nervously.
"Scared?" Damon teased, making both Stefan and I roll our eyes.
"Go home Damon, I'll come home when I know Emma is safe." Stefan ordered.

We got out of the car, and so did Damon. I thought he'd take Stefan's place in the driver's seat and drive off into the sunset since his duties were over. But to my surprise, he came next to me, put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye.

"Please be safe. I better see you well and alive Monday at school or I'll be really pissed." Damon said softly, for time the first time ever. He smiled at Stefan and then walked back to the car, got in the driver's seat and drove off into the sunset since his duties were now over.

Me and Stefan watched until the car wasn't visible anymore.

"I've never seen him like this." I finally broke the silence.
"Me either." Stefan replied. "We should go back in now."

I rang the doorbell, and within seconds Eli answered.

"Where have you been? I called you so many times." he said, surprisingly worried.

What was up with everyone being so worried lately? 

"I'm so sorry my phone died, and I got held up longer than I expected. How are you? Are mom and dad home yet?" I asked, hugging my brother, which I know surprised him. I must admit, never have I ever been so glad to see him. We walked inside, and I motioned Stefan to come inside.
"Oh hey Stefan, and no mom is on her way though. Dad said Grandma Genevieve wanted them to stay longer, but mom decided to come check up on us." Eli explained, going straight up to his room.
"Well, I guess everything's fine for now. Do you know if they'll be back to put a spell in this house?" I whispered to Stefan.
"They can't do anything to you physically, as far as I know. But even still you'll be safe, they're dead basically so they have very very limited powers. If it's any consolation, Damon will definitely find someone to do a protection spell on you, very soon." Stefan said, sounding a bit annoyed.

I sighed. Time to fess up.

"Stefan, I have to tell you something. Damon and I-"
"I already know about that.." 
"Oh.. I didn't want to make it awkward, I just thought you deserve to know. All though I don't know what we really are, you still deserve the truth." I stated.
"Emma why weren't you scared of me?" Stefan wondered, completely ignoring my confession.
"Why?" I asked back.
"Please. This is no time to be difficult."
"I'm not scared because I know you. I know your morals, your personality. Stefan your life could depend on killing a human, and you still won't do it. I hope you know that I believe you're a good person, and you should believe that too." I stated, very confident in my words.
"I've killed before." he confessed.
"I'm sure you had your reasons. Look everyone has done bad things, including me. Who are we to judge each other for our mistakes? Our mistakes guide us, they shape us. Don't beat yourself up for it, build yourself from it."

He looked into my eyes for the longest moment, and then he crashed his lips into mine. Every moment that passed us, felt infinite. It had so much passion, as if every emotion he was holding on to for 200 years finally came pouring out. And in that moment, I realized maybe Stefan Salvatore was more than just my High School crush.

"EMMA! EMMA! OH MY GOD.. OH MY GOD." Eli yelled, running down the stairs in utter horror.
"What? What? Are you okay? What happened? Stay calm and tell me." I asked nervous of what I was about to hear. I looked at Stefan who looked at me worried.
"Emma.. Mom. Emma.. Mom! Oh my god, is this real? I can't even understand what's happening." Eli said, a clear tone of disbelief in his voice.
"What..? What about mom?" I asked, unwillingly.
"Someone called my cellphone.. and.. they said if you want her alive tell your sister to come get her. Look he made me write down the address." Eli finally said, showing me a piece of paper with the address on it. I took it.

A sudden rush of relief came over my body. I had thought something worse had happened. But this wasn't any better. I think I knew who it was.

"Emma, who was that? Is mom okay? I don't want you to go alone, please let me come." Eli said, his voice broke. Poor Eli. He was too young for all this.
"Eli shh.. don't cry alright. Mom will be okay, I'll make sure of it. I'll go get her myself, all you need to worry about is staying at home and being safe. Do you hear me?" I asked, trying to put off a calm voice.
"Nothing will happen to her. Please Eli, I need you to trust me." I said.
"I do but Emma be safe.. I love you." Eli said hugging me. I knew he meant it because we weren't very affectionate to eachother.
"I love you too Eli, and I'll see you very soon." I replied.

The tears from Eli's cheek had now absorbed into my shirt. This only angered me even more. I was determined to bring my Mom back home, safely. Me and Stefan called Damon, who showed up within seconds. Since Eli felt more comfortable with Stefan, I asked if he could stay with Eli while me and Damon went to free my mom from hostage. He so kindly agreed. Then, Damon and I got in the car, I gave him the paper with the address and we were there within minutes. 

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