Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


5. Five

We were now in the Salvatore residence. As soon as we walked in, the house reeked of alcohol. Damon was sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Cups, crumbs of chips and beer bottles covered the entire floor.

"So sorry, I left to see you as soon as I woke up and I didn't get a chance to clean up." Stefan apologized, looking embarrassed.
"No it's fine, don't worry." I replied, smiling.
"Well follow me upstairs to my bedroom, I promise it's much better." he stated, holding his hand out for me to hold.
"Okay." I said, taking his hand.

He opened his bedroom door, revealing a very large and very bright room. Nothing like what I expected a big bad Vampire's room to look like. White sheer curtains covered the two big windows in his room. His bed was circle, and very neatly made, with many pillows on top of it. He had a book shelf all the way in the corner, filled with books and another bookshelf on the other corner, filled with alcohol.

"Wow, this is very different." I stated, sitting down on his bed as he shuffled for the right book on his bookshelf.
"I know, I haven't changed it since 17 years ago." he said, turning around and showing me a book.
"Is that-"
"The Book of Symbols." he said, smiling and making his way towards me.

I watched him flip from page to page through the big fat book, when he finally stopped.

"Look, it's the exact size as the circle on your arm." he said, pointing at the symbol of the circle on the book.
"What does it say?" I asked, since it wasn't written in English.
"Circulus est a malo omine. Accessit viva creatura interitum. circulus vitae divisionem amiserit, duos confligere." he said, reading each line carefully.
"So..?" I asked, curiously waiting for the big reveal.
"It says it's just a reminder of the circle of life, and it shows up anywhere from time to time so it's nothing to worry about." he said reassuringly.
"How lame, I was a bit worried but excited that it could mean something cool." I replied, a bit disappointed.
Stefan gave me the most confused look.
"Only you would be disappointed that a supernatural symbol doesn't mean trouble." he said chuckling but he stopped. "Oh I seem to have woken Damon."
"Hey lookie here." Damon said appearing out of nowhere.
"Good morning Damon." I said, forcing a smile.
"Were you guys busy doing-" he asked, looking at me and then Stefan.
"No, I just brought her here right now." Stefan replied for me.
"Oh that's new. Since when did you two hang out alone? In a bedroom?" Damon asked, squinting his eyes suspiciously.
"Damon you're not my dad." I reasoned, throwing a pillow at him but he quickly dodged it.
"You forget that I'm a vampire." he said.
"How do you know that I knew?" I asked surprised, and worried thinking he could read my mind.
"Well Stefan wouldn't shut up about how you might hate him for killing someone last night. So I only took an educated guess." Damon said.
"Okay why don't you take an educated guess on what I want you to do right now?" Stefan asked.
"Leave." Damon replied, earning a nod from Stefan. "I was- what's that on your hand Emma?"
"Oh I got this weird burn when I touched Stefan's tattoo." I replied.
"Oh boy. Stefan, did you fail to see that burn on your girlfriend's arm or are you just that dumb?" Damon said.
"Damon it's okay, it's nothing, we read it on The Book of Symbols." I said, blushing that he called me Stefan's girlfriend.
"Oh and you can read Latin? Let me see-"
"Damon, leave alright? I already checked and it's nothing to worry about." Stefan argued.
"Stefan if proving him wrong will make him leave, just let him read the book." I said, annoyed by this time.

Damon finally came in and read the same thing Stefan read. But his reaction was different. His hands were clenched in a fist and his eyes were widened.

"What?" I asked, a bit worried.
"The circle is a bad omen. The creatures of the afterlife have approached the living. Circle of life has lost its division, and the two worlds have collided." Damon repeated, but in English.
"What? What do you mean?" I asked, looking at Damon and then Stefan, who were both looking at each other.
"The circle on your arm is missing the line in the middle, which is the balance. It means the world has lost balance. There's nothing diving us and the dead anymore. I don't know what Stefan told you here, but this isn't nothing." Damon said.
"Stefan why did you lie to me just now? About something so serious?" I asked, getting angrier by the minuet. Or maybe it was frustration.
"Look, I didn't want to worry you with all this on your first day learning about supernatural creatures. It has nothing to do with you Emma, you don't have to worry. It's only a problem for us, there's no need to be scared." Stefan argued.
"The dumbest brother award goes to the one and only Stefan. Look, the symbol was created on Emma's arm meaning she has everything to do with this, we just need to find out why because Emma's a human." Damon stated, calmly.
"This is so much to process. So dead supernatural creatures are coming after me?" I asked, my breathing getting heavier by the second.
"No! They're not gonna come after you. We just need to find out why the symbol appeared in your arm, of all arms in this world." Damon answered.
"So, do you guys know what type of creatures lived on the dead side?" I asked, a bit calmer now.
"No you'd have to be dead to know. There are many rumors but only some know for sure: the Born vampires." Stefan answered this time.
"Why the Born vampires?" I asked, curiously.
"Born vampires are unborn children, who are accidentally killed before their birth and go to the dead side, only to return back for the life they were supposed to have. They grow up, until one thing or another triggers their vampire conscious and they realize they were a vampire all along. They're the only ones who are a primary source of what really exists on the dead side." Stefan replied. 
"Well do you know any Born vampires? We should at least try to find out what creatures are coming to this side, just in case." I said.
"I know one, I'll call her over." Damon said, making his way out of Stefan's bedroom.

Stefan sighed for what seemed like 2 whole minutes.

"I can't believe you lied." I said, trying to sound angry but failing miserably.
"I know I'm sorry. I didn't want to scare you, but I should've known by now that you don't scare easily." he said, smiling and giving me a quick peck. "Come, I'll make us breakfast while we wait for Damon's friend." he added.

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