Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


8. Eight

My house enlarged the closer we got to it. Stefan slowed down as the car finally came to a stop right infront of my front porch. As I unbuckled my seatbelt, Stefan's phone rang.
"It's Damon." he said, answering his phone.
"What happened?" he asked on the phone, then waited for a response from Damon. His expression changed as he said "Alright hurry." and hung up.

Stefan was too beautiful to look so sad all the time. But it still suited him. His eyes furrowed in concern, his fingers running through his hair in frustration, his hands clenched in a fist.. it was like he was made to look worried.

"What's up? Are you okay?" I asked, snapping back into reality.
"Emma you can't go in your house right now, it's.. possessed." Stefan said, awkwardly.
"What? What do you mean?" I asked, trying not to laugh at his choice of words.
"I don't know how to explain it. Your house is under some supernatural creature's spell. The minute you go in, you will die basically." he stated.
"Who's spell? Are you being serious right now?" I asked, a bit shocked. What if Damon had called a minute too late I would've been dead. "Wait.. oh my god! My brother's still in there, we have to get him out now!" I remembered, as a rush of panic hit me out of nowhere, and I tried to open the car door. It was locked.
"Stefan open the door now!" I yelled, fidgeting in the passenger seat, trying to get the door to unlock, as if I were strong enough.
"Emma your brother is safe, he's a human." Stefan reasoned, but that made no sense.
"So am I, we have to go in I don't care what happens. Stefan he's only 15." I said, tears filling up my eyes but I refused to let them fall.
"Emma listen to me, calm down first. Eli is safe because he's human. You're not. You have the power that controls every supernatural being alive and dead. They're coming for you Emma, they want you dead." he said, putting his hand on my thigh.
"Why? I don't even know how to use the power?" I asked.
"You being alive means every dead supernatural has a chance of being trapped in the dead side again. If they are successful in killing you, the dead side is most likely to collide with the living making them immortal forever. Literally." he stated. 

In two days I not only discovered supernaturals, but I also discovered I was one myself. And that I would most likely be killed by one.

"Damon's here." Stefan said, and sure enough Damon opened the door from the backseat and hopped in the car.
"How's our girl? You aren't dead so I'm guessing I reached you in time." Damon said smirking.
"Seriously, you're making jokes right now? My brother is in there and I know he's human but I still don't feel safe leaving him alone like that." I said annoyed.
"Look Mother Teresa, the only creatures that want you dead are the dead supernatural creatures, who can't hurt any non-supernatural living creature. So every human in this planet is safe. They're only a threat to us and to you, not any human species. Got it? Good, because there's a lot more to the story and it gets complicated. So keep up." Damon spoke, as if I were only 5 years old.

Stefan and I shared a look, and then we focused back to Damon.

"Emma you are a supernatural creature by default. You are created every 500 years, because that's how long it takes for the Lord of the Dead to wake-up and come out from the dead side into our side. When he comes out, he completely destroys the barrier between the living and the dead, so every recently dead creature can come back out with him. Which is why you saw the circle of life without the division, because you are the only one who can divide the circle again. You have the power to." Damon said, never once breaking eye-contact. 

I sighed. I must be in a movie.

"Emma?" Stefan said, snapping me back to the real world. "Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yea, I'm just really confused and really tired." I stated.
"I'm sorry. I really am." he said, looking deeply into my eyes. Worried, once again.
"Stefan it wasn't your fault. This was supposed to happen okay? I just don't feel any different, so I'm not really sure how I can bring out this supernatural power that Damon claims I have." I said.
"We'll figure it out." he said, reassuringly. 
"We don't have time Stefan, the more time we waste the more dead creatures will pass through." Damon interrupted.
"How did this Lord of the Dead even come out?" I asked.
"He's a very powerful creature. He's a God." Damon simply stated, smiling deviously.
"What?" I asked, frustrated that this was all so funny to him.
"He's a God, he's selfish but he still has the powers of one. He was imprisoned in the dead side while he was still alive, which is why he keeps trying to come back. He was so powerful that the living side could only muster up enough power to keep him asleep for 500 years. So everytime he wakes up, somebody with enough power is chosen to send him back to the dead side for another 500 years until he wakes up again." Damon explained, much more clearly this time.
"Who the hell chose me? I am not even powerful enough for High School Sports.. forget going against some Dark God of the Dead." I said, confused and afraid and angry all at once.
"Why was he even imprisoned?" Stefan asked.
"He did selfish things in order to be powerful, for which he was punished." Damon said. "He's a genius though." he added.

Great. A Hell God was after me. All dead supernatural creatures were after me. I was expected to put them back to the dead side and bring division. As much as I enjoy Stefan's company, I was really hoping my eyes would open soon and I would be back in my warm bed, as a normal human being that I once was.

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