Clarissa morgentern

Clarissa morgentern is a badass shadowhunter who lives with her father in idris and when her father decides that he wants Jonathan and clarissa to go to school in New York will she fall for a certain golden boy or will she stay with her brother that may love her more than a brother should LIKE AND FAVORITE AND PLEASE GIVE CHANCE I MAY SHOCK U ;-)


1. Pandemonium

I DO NOT OWN THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES ALL RIGHTS GO TO CASSANDRA CLARE BESIDES THE PLOT. We walked into the pandemonium club looking for the target, A ravenour demon. Jonathan and I have to get the demon alone so I can kill it. "Hey jon i think I've spotted the target, over there." Jonathan looks over to were i point at the entrance of the club. Then i see a flash of gold hair stairing at us.
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