Lingering, withering, shivering. The world rumbles brightly as the crescent moon makes it's last merciful round.
It's the dawn of the end times, blood will be spilled, blood has been spilled.
Life is just at it's conclusion, or is it?
City's burn, towns are emptied, everything is gone, the world doesn't even make a whisper.
Welcome to the apocalypse.


1. Peril World

Around me, closing in on us, suffocating the populace, it's a mad new world. The only problem is that its ending. Strangling me, I struggle for my very existence. This is how we died.


"Hanem, what do you see?" I looked over at the thirteen year old girl. She had frizzy blonde hair, and pearly blue eyes, her body was gleaming with the sweetest fragrance on this very forsaken rock of a planet.

Her torn white shirt, and long camopants covered her body, she held out the binoculars, peering out of the window

The shattered glass rustled beneath our boots, and dead leaves swung through the open window, dried blood covered the walls, the hallway had been blocked off with two office desks.

The dead murmured below and around us, but a whisper it took to arouse a hoard. 

The sweet taste of steak, and fried chicken was all my bony figure could even think about. What I would give for a nice chicken leg, or a full ripe steak. I would suck out the juices and chew so slowly, so very slowly.

"I don't see anything, except a bunch of dead. We could head out before nightfall, and try to make a supply run, but Grygs men are usually clearing the streets at that time. What's the call, Derek?"

She looked at me calmly, putting her trust into me, even though it was just her, and me.

"I say we go for it, how many bullets do we have?"

She held the metal pieces in her hand, "Four, that's not counting the one for you or me."

"Don't talk like that, it's a last resort, your only thirteen."

She felt hostility, "Damnit Derek! Your only a year older than me! Don't act like how my father treats me, treated me.

"Hanem, I'm sorry, I really am."

A screech dispersed from the horizon, and the vast noise of engines.

Dead were piling up and growling towards the sound.

"It's Grygs." I said, murmuring it past my chipped lips.

Grygs was the most powerful man in the city, he commanded an army of savages, with all kinds of weapons and vehicles. Every afternoon before night down, he sends out a group of his men to attract them and slaughter them.

He sounds like a good guy when you think about it, but his men have been given an order to not distinguish between the living and the dead.

Meaning if we're found, we're dead.

"Derek, they're gonna find us." She frantically pointed over at the noise making creature, it had propped itself up against the desk, and was screaming at us.

The creature wore a torn black coat, with regular blue jeans. His hair had rotted off, and the skin was decaying into this pale green, wrinkles were present everywhere, like a dry raisin.

His eyes bulged, completely black, his arm reached out for our bodies.

"Here, keep watch, I'll kill it." Hanem flipped her switchblade open and handed me the binoculars. 

I glanced through the tender object, trying to find Grygs men.

Two bikers with doubled leather jackets were talking on their motorcycles. A scream pounces behind me, the bikers are alerted and point directly at us.

I drop the binoculars and leaped over to Hanem, slamming her to the ground, as automatic rounds pierced the walls.

"Are you bit?" I ask on the floor.

"Are you shot?" She counters.

"No, but why'd you scream, if you weren't bit?"

"It grabbed me and I dropped the knife."

I didn't speak to her, as it was too loud with gunfire to hear anything anymore, our ears were ringing.

We had to go, the sound would definitely attract more than we could handle here.

It was finally time to leave this hospital wing.
"Let's go!" I pulled her over to the desk, cemented her to the wall, and then proceeded to kill the infected. 
It wasn't that easy though, I struggled to find a place to stab it with the switch blade, and just decided to close my eyes and do it.

My dagger hit the wall. Pain. PAIN. PAIN. It bit me on the back of my wrist, I freaked out and swung at it with the knife. 
The knife cut through it's temple like butter, and my hand gushed blood from it.

I dropped the knife, breathing slowly. 

Hanem's eyes were shot, she looked at me stiff, with her hands over her mouth, and tears streaming from her cheeks.

She knew.

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