Lingering, withering, shivering. The world rumbles brightly as the crescent moon makes it's last merciful round.
It's the dawn of the end times, blood will be spilled, blood has been spilled.
Life is just at it's conclusion, or is it?
City's burn, towns are emptied, everything is gone, the world doesn't even make a whisper.
Welcome to the apocalypse.


3. Grygs

"Derek, Hanem. Nice to finally make your acquaintance, I'm Grygs. I understand my men shot at you earlier the other day, tracking you down they brought you back here."

I was silent, I was not even five feet away from the man himself, Grygs.

"Well, this is quite troublesome for me, see now kids, the thing is, with you two here, I can't feed my men. If I spare you, your going to have to really work for your meals around here."

He propped his feet up on his desk, smoking a well lit cigar.

"Please sir, don't hurt us." Hanem cried.

"Oh hell, I don't needa' hurt ya', but I do need you to work for me. As soon as you leave my office, I'll send two men to escort you to your new work place. this is your new home, as long as your working."

He got up and headed for the door, "Oh, and I know you think I'm a bad guy, but a man has to make sacrifices if he want's to live in this hell." He left the room.

It became quiet in the room, and I wondered what was next for us, Grygs didn't seem too bad, he was merely banding together for everyone's survival.

This together was the key of the algorithm of life in the end times.

"Hanem, everything is going to be okay, we will work, and Grygs will protect us." 

She shivered at my side, her flesh almost a tingling cold, "Derek, you know we're not okay, I'm scared."

"Yeah, me too."

The door slammed open and two men emerged, "Alright get yer' asses up."

The obnoxious man throttled us out of our seats, popping us down in front of him.

"Come on, now move." 

He wielded a baton, nudging us forward. His suit was thick, and it seemed as if he wore extra shirts to protect himself from bites.

The guard behind him was less influential, and didn't seem to agree with this treatment. I understood his entire demeanor, hopeless and wondering, what's next?

As we made our way over, these thoughts haunted my mind. What was the point? If I died right now, today, or tomorrow at another time, any conclusion would be the same.

I could just let everything go, relieve myself of all this torture, make things better than bad, and trade everything for nothing.

It's like this, if I were a bear with a really bad river with no fish, would I just kill myself, or keep trying? Then again, I'm not the only bear. I have a sense of duty to protect the other bears. It's her, she is the only reason I haven't done it yet, I'm not selfish enough to leave her alone.

If I were to leave her selfishly, she would die, and she would hate me, even in death.

"This is where you'll work now." The guards left.

The place was a dump. A real dump, it smelled of the dead, and a note was left on the rotting wooden table. I walked over to the table, through the overgrown all over the cracked floor. Glass fragments crunched under my shoes.

The note was written with black ink.

Derek, Hanem. You will be guarding the third quarter tower, and if anyone is spotted through that window, you are to dispatch and let me or some of the soldiers know, that is all.

A brief message really. I handed it to Hanem, she read it softly.

We waited and watched through the cracked, musty windows, and for a long week nothing happened, we were fed and given pretty good treatment.

It was Monday that set things off. A woman ran up to the gate with a sign in bold letters.

Please let my children in!

The men with guns spotted her, and shot her twice, once in the head, the other in her shoulder. Her children ran over to her, screaming. A boy and a girl.

They ran off, as the guards spared them.

We caught a lot of heat that day, Grygs came down furious that we hadn't sent a messenger to him.

"Damnit! I don't care! Always as a backup, you come to me! Your not eating tonight." Grygs scrambled off.

"Derek, I don't like it here. I want to leave."

"We're going to, we just have to find an opening." 

With that in mind, I thought of ideas for escape, mentally, neither I, or Hanem, could mentally take the pressure of seeing people murdered like that.

We had been scarred tremendously, and only desired freedom.

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