Alex in Wonderland


2. Chapter 2

I soon woke up. I groaned and lifted myself up and off the ground. I looked down at my self and noticed I had a dress on. A short sleaveless dark blue dress with black lace and a ribbon running over the waist.

I stared at it in disgust. I hate dresses. I soon looked up from the dress  and looked at my surroundings. "Strange..." I said and started to walk. It wasn't cold nor was it warm. It was.....strange. I kept walking, hoping to find someone.

 I heard a low laugh as I walked into a forest like area. I looked around as the laughing continued. I started to get scared and started to walk faster. "Where are you going?" A voice asked.I gasped and turned around and soon saw a cat in a tree. It was smiling down at me. "W-who or what are you?" I asked a bit frightened "I'm the Cheshire Cat." The cat said with its creepy smile "The......Cheshire Cat......?" I said but it sounded more like a question. 

The cat got up and paced a bit on the tree branch it was on,showing off its pink stripes along its purple body. "That is me." It said. I slowly nodded my head. "Do you know where I am?" I asked. The cat chuckled and stopped pacing. It looked at me. "Why dear girl, you're in wonderland. I'd think you'd be the last person to know this since you are Alice." It said with its creepy smile.

My eyes widened. "W-wonderland?" I asked. The cat just only chuckled again. "Why yes." It said "And you said I'm Alice?" I asked again "Yes." It said "I'm not Alice." I said "My name's Alex." The cat chuckled. "That's really funny." He said "It's the truth." I said "Right." He said. I folded my arms. I left the cat and started to walk around again. "You know." The familiar voice of the cat said.

I looked to the cat and glared. "You could always go to the Mad Hatter." He said "Or you could go see the queen." "How about no and no." I huffed and walked in a different direction. 


I grumbled to myself as I found myself lost. "Great." I sighed "What's-" a voice said "-Great?" Another asked "Huh?" I asked and turned around. Behind me stood two identical looking boys. "Uh um...." I didn't know what to say. They just stared at me. I shook my head. "Nothing. Nothing at all." I said "Well then-" the first started "-would you like to hear a story?" The second finished. "Uh..." I was sort of still speechless. I didn't even know their names. 

I looked for some out of clue and then there it was. On their shirts. The first said Tweetledee and the other said tweetledumb.  "Sure..." I said. Now that I knew their names I was a bit comfortable. I sat down on a log as they began to tell their story.


I smiled as they finished their story. It was about oysters and I believe a walrus. And a human? I don't know but it was weird. I stood up but the rushed to sit me down. "No no no no!!" They both exclaimed "W-what?" I asked in surprise "You can't leave yet!" They said "And why can't I?" I asked. They looked at each other. "We still haven't played a game!" Tweetledee said "Or sang and danced to a song!" Tweetledumb said "Uh..." I didn't know what to say about this.

They smiled and nodded. "It's decided!" Tweetledee chirped "We'll sing and dance!" Tweetledumb chirped. I slowly nodded and they started to dance and sing a song. When they weren't paying attention I quickly crept away. 


When I got far away enough I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Too much was happening for me to comprehend. 'Wait! Do I have shoes on?' I thought and quickly looked down to my feet. I sighed in relief when I saw my favorite old and worn out black combat boots. I smiled and continued on walking.

I looked up to the sky to see that it was getting dark. "I wonder if Grams will notice I'm gone in the morning and go looking for me...." I thought aloud "Probably not...that old witch hag might think I've just gone for a very long walk and got lost." My voice had a sharp edge to it.

I knew that she wouldn't go looking for me. She was too busy worrying over herself and her other kids and grandkids to actually worry or care about me. As if I'd want her love and attention anyways! My eyes narrowed as I started to pick up speed.

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