Unknown Princess


8. Chapter 8

Morning birds chirped a lovely song as I woke up. "Mmm..." I hummed and opened my eyes. I got up and walked over to my vanity to brush my hair. I looked at myself and almost screamed. My eyes were red and puffy. Lines from my eyes to show where the tears came and went. I sighed and brushed my hair

~Taylor's P.O.V~

I finally got to my friends kingdom. "Taylor!" I heard my friend call as I rode through the palace gates. "Hello Eli." I said and got down from the horse that survived the bandits. I smiled at the horse. It only nayed in response. "How are you?" I heard Eli ask as he came over to us "I could be better." I said as I thought of my little sister "Oh? What happened?" Eli asked "Got attacked by bandits..." I explained. He nodded. 'I wonder if Skylar made it to Carter's ok...' I asked myself in my head. I've been so worried about her. I fallowed Eli inside his castle.

'If only Izack didn't be so mean and have his kingdom declare war on us....Skylar....I hope you are all right' I said to myself. 'I've seen Skylar do some pretty crazy stuff when mother and father aren't around...I think I should go warn Carter and have him keep an eye on her...who knows what Skylar will do...possibly stop eating...never come out of her room...maybe even drown herself in books and never go to sleep...' I said in my head as I fallowed Eli into his castle. 'Skylar has had a bad history as a kid...'


when we were 6 and 8 out parents left for a while. Skylar and me were in our rooms asleep. Pirates snuck into the castle without anyone knowing...They tried to take Skylar away while she was asleep...unfortunate that Skylar was a light sleeper when we were little..so when they lifted her up she woke up and screamed. I woke up and grab my sword. it was a bit heavy but it suited me. I ran to Skylar's room, just in time to see them taking her away. She was in tears and kicking and hitting them. But she was only 6 so she was practically weak. 


I drew my sword and ran after them. "Give me back my sister!" I yelled and swung my sword at them. They dodged it. This went on for a bit till my Father came. He stabbed the one holding Skylar. He threw her up in the air. As she fell I could see her terrified look in her eyes. Tears streaming down her face. I caught her. She clung to me for dear life. I felt sorry for her. A minute later my father drove the pirates out of the castle and walked over to us. He went to touch Skylar but she only flinched when she saw his hand. My father retracted his hand and sighed "Taylor take your sister to your room and let her sleep with you." he ordered.



 I nodded and waked back to my room. I started to wonder why no one came to Skylar's rescue besides me. As i walked by some maids I heard  what they were talking about. "Prince Taylor shouldn't have bothered with saving Princess Skylar." One maid said "I agree. She's unneeded here." Another said. My eyes widen and looked at them ' W-What!? 'I yelled in my head. 

Skylar fell asleep in my arms. The maids saw me and covered their mouths "D-Did you hear us Prince Taylor?" one asked. I glared at them "Yes. Every single bit." I seethed. They ran off. I began to walk again. It was a bit till I passed some guards. "Seriously. Princess Skylar should learn to take care of herself." One said "I know right! Prince Taylor shouldn't bother with her." Another said. The grip on my sister tightened. I walked passed them. ' I'll tell father about this in the morning... ' In said in my head and opened my bedroom door. 

I closed the door with my foot and began to walk to my bed. I placed my sister down on the bed and covered her up. I got on the bed and covered myself up as well. I hugged my sister close to me. "I promise that no matter what they say about you, I Taylor Lee, will love and protect you...even if it costs me my life." I whispered. a small smile graced my sister lips. I kissed the top of her head. ' Those servants will pay for what they said about you...I will hide you...only certain people will know about you...you'll be this kingdoms unknown princess... '  I said in my head and fell asleep.


Eli snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Earth to Taylor!" He said. I shook my head "Sorry Eli...I must have zoned out for a bit." I sighed "Thinking about Sky?" He asked. I nodded "I'm worried about her." I confessed "Don't worry she'll be fine! She's with Carter after all." He smiled "I guess your right." I sighed "You really love your sister don't you..." Eli said "Yes, very much..." I smiled a bit "I wish I had siblings..." Eli sighed. 


Eli has always been an only child and has always wanted a younger brother or sister. He has always envied me and Carter for our sisters. Eli showed me to a room. "Here's your room." Eli said "Thanks Eli." I smiled "No problem." Eli smiled "If you need anything my room is just down the hall." "Okay." I said. Eli waved bye and left off to his room. I sighed and walked into the room. I stalked over to the bed and flopped down on it. I put my hands behind my head and stared up at the ceiling.  



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