Unknown Princess


7. Chapter 7

A maid showed me to my room. "Thank you." I said and smiled. The maid smiled back and bowed then walked away. I sighed. 'I wonder if Taylor is ok...I said in her head. I walked to the window and looked out. It was a beautiful day for anything "To bad I have to stay inside..." I said sadly. I walked around 'my room' and looked at the gigantic book case in there.

I sighed again and went back to the window "it's no use...i'm stuck here." I said and frowned 'that means i can't go on walks in the garden anymore.' I sighed more as a knock was on my door. 

I left my spot from the window and made my way to the door. I opened the door to see Carter. "O-oh hi Carter." I stuttered out and curtsied  "Hi Skylar." Carter smiled and bowed "What brings you here?" I asked returning to my original position "I came to see how you were doing." Carter said returning to his original position as well

I half-heartedly smiled "I'm doing fine." I lied. Carter nodded accepting the lie. "Ok...well dinner will be done soon." Carter said "Alright thanks for telling me." I said "You're welcome." Carter said smiling "Well bye." "Bye..."  I said closing the door. I slid down the door down my back. 'Taylor...' I sighed '...I miss you'

~A couple minutes later!~

Me and Carters family all sat down at the very long table. Everyone was smiling...well except me. Dinner was served and everyone began to eat. Silence filled the room. Aside from the silver wear going against the China. "So..." The King was the first to break the silence "How is everyone?" The Queen asked "Good." Everyone replied "That's good." The Queen smiled.

Silence came again. "May I please be excused?" I asked "Are you sure? You hardly ate." The Queen asked concerned "Yes." I said "Alright then." The Queen said "Thank you." Skylar said and got up and curtsied before leaving. In truth Skylar was hungry but she was too home sick to actually eat and being worried about Taylor didn't help.

I could feel my eyes water 'why...why did this have to happen to me?' I questioned myself. I grabbed the front of my dress and lifted it up slightly and ran. Tears slowly fell down my cheeks. 'Mother...Father...I want to go home!' I yelled in my head. 

I ran to my room and quickly yanked the door open and slammed it closed when I went in. I ran to the bed and flopped on the bed. My face was buried in the soft pillows and I started to cry quietly. My dress was spread out on the bed and made it quite snug on me. I eventually cried myself to sleep.

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