Unknown Princess


6. Chapter 6

I stepped out of the carriage with the help of Carter. "Wow your kingdom is really pretty!" I exclaimed "Thanks." Carter said

'I already feel homesick.' I said in my head and frowned "What's wrong?" Cater asked and walked over to the castle "O-oh nothing." I said and fallowed Carter up to his castle. It was a big castle. 

His twin sister Katelyn was outside holding their little sister Kynzi. I tried to not make eye contact with the two girls outside the door. As me and Carter made their way up to the doors Katelyn smiled at them.

"Welcome home brother." Katelyn said while smiling "Hello." Carter said and smile as well. I had other thing on  my mind then talking to other people. I kept thinking about Taylor. 'Will Taylor be alright?' 'Did he make it to his friends kingdom safe and sound?' 'Is he alright?' 'I hope he's safe.' These thing kept racing through my mind. They haunted me. They never left me. 

They kept coming back even when I tried to think of something else. He always came up. No matter what I tried. The two twins were talking for awhile until Katelyn finally noticed me. "Oh princess Skylar?" Katelyn sounded surprised. Her blue eyes held curiosity in them "H-hello." I said quietly "I didn't know you were coming over for a visit." Katelyn said and smiled "Yeah." I said and smiled "Oh come in I'm sure my mother would love to see you again." Katelyn said happily and walked into the big castle.

"Of course." I said and fallowed her into the castle. As they were walking an awkward silence engulfed the three teens. It was a long walk. Especially when the silence filled the air. So quiet you could hear a feather drop. Ok maybe that was an over exaggeration but it was very quiet. After a couple of minutes they came to two big double doors.

"Well here we are." Carter said and opened the doors. There sat the King and Queen. They both had blonde hair but different eye color. The king had green eyes and the Queen had blue eyes. Just like Carter and Katelyn. As the three walked into the room I started to feel self conscious about herself. 'What if I look terrible?' 'What if they think I'm strange?' 'What if the don't like me?'. These words were running a race against the thoughts I was thinking earlier. It was so bad I started to feel dizzy.

"Ah I see you've returned Carter and with princess Skylar." The King said and smiled "H-hello." I said and curtsied and returned his smile "We haven't seen since seven summers ago." The Queen said "Yes it has been a long time." I said

"Well it's nice having you hear for the time being until this war is all settled out." The King said "Yes." I said and stood up straight "So how is Taylor?" the Queen asked "I honestly don't know but I hope he's doing well." I said with a hint of sadness in my voice.

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