Unknown Princess


5. Chapter 5

As I looked through the window the castle dissappered in the distance. I sighed as I turned to face my brother. "Taylor where are we going?" I was curious to where we were going "We are going to the village." He stated calmly "Oh ok." Was all that was said for the rest of the way there. 

When they got there Taylor got out and helped me out. We walked around for awhile and I took in everything about my kingdom. 

It was hours until we came back to the palace and left for dinner. It was quiet through out dinner. No one spoke. No one looked at anyone. I finished and stood up breaking the silence. "I'm off to pack and get ready to go to bed." I stated and walked out. 

As I was walking I over heard the maids talking

"I can't believe their going to declare war and offer the princess to their only son... are they that desperate to get their son married and have a queen." One of the maids said the others noticed me and started to murmur. I put it off and continued my way towards my room. The night was long and quite. Me and Taylor hardly talked the next day. 

Before we left in different carriages Taylor hugged me goodbye. I hugged back. "Bye I'll miss you." I said as tears started to swell in my eyes threating to fall at any given moment "Bye I'll miss you to." He stopped hugging me and smiled. The tears were now falling down my cheeks. Taylor wipped them away and kissed my for head then left. 

Carter called me over to the caraige we were going to ride. Taylor left earlier then I did. 


~Taylor's P.O.V~

As I was on my way some how bandits found out and I was attacked. But survived. I walked to a horse that also survived. When I was on the horse I looked around. All I saw was blood and dead bodies everywhere. I started to feel sick at the sight and rode off towards the kingdom. 



~Back to Skylar's P.O.V~

Me and Carter were quite throught the whole ride. The only problem was bandits trying to capture me. But Carter always saved me so it was a smooth ride to the borders of Carters kingdom. 


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