Unknown Princess


4. Chapter 4

"Huh?" Carter said as he turned around. I stopped in front of him. I smiled "Hey Carter." I said "Oh hey Skylar...listen about earlier." Carter said rubbing the back of his head blushing a little bit "Hmmm...oh yeah it's fine." I said still smiling "Are you sure?" He asked worriedly "Oh yeah it's perfectly fine." I stared into his green eyes

"Oh ok...so about this war." He stared back "Yeah I'm coming to your kingdom." I looked away blushing "Right and we're leaving tomarrow 'cause that's when your father wants you and Taylor out of the kingdom." He grabbed my hands "W-what!?" I turned my head toward him "Yeah your father wants you two out of here so you two will be safe." Carter explained "I-I..." I yanked my hands away from his and ran off towards the throne room.

I bursted into the room. "Father!" I yelled "Skylar dear please don't yell it's not ladylike." My mother scolded me "I'm sorry mother but this has to be done." I apologized "What is it dear?" My father asked "Why are Taylor and I leaving tomarrow to the kingdoms that have let us stay!" I yelled clearly frustrated "Listen it's for the best." He said calmly "W-what for our safty!" I yelled "Our safty is having you come with us not staying here in harms way!" My eyes filled with tears 

"Skylar we have to stay here." My mother said. A couple tears fell down my cheeks. Taylor walked in. 

"Am I interuping something?" He asked confused of why his sister was crying. Everyone looked at him. I ran to my brother and hugged him. 

"Taylor take your sister to her room and get ready to leave tomorrow morning." Our father sighed "Of course father." Taylor said before he picked up me bridle style and walked out of the throne room. A couple more minutes of walking we finally made it to my room. Taylor walked in to my room and set me down on my bed. 

"Thank you brother." I said softly "Skylar you shouldn't denie fathers commands." Taylor snapped at me. I jumped at my brothers sudden actions "I-I'm sorry." I said softly again "No, no sorries this time Skylar you messed up this time." He scolded me "Taylor I-" I tried to say before Taylor cut me off "No don't speak just put a cloke on and fallow me." He said and threw me a gray cloke "O-of course brother." I said obediently.

I put on the cloke and put the hood over my head. I started to fallow my brother. 

"Taylor where are we going?" I asked my brother who was wearing a blue cloke "You'll see." He said as he called for a caraige. Taylor got in the caraige and then helped me into the caraige. It was silent. I stared out my window as the scenery changed

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