Unknown Princess


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping by my window. I got up and dressed into an elegant dress that I got for my birthday. It was a beautiful lilac dress with a sterling silver tiara and lilac high heels. I left my room after getting dressed to go down to breakfast. It was very quiet. 

"Um...is something going on?" I asked my family. Silence filled the room.

"The kingdom to the south has declared war unless you marry their only son Izack." My father explained and that broke the silence "B-but I'm to young to marry father." I said and it went quiet again.

"Besides I love someone already." I said and that broke the silence.

My family looked surprised "Who is this boy?" My father sounded mad "It-It's Carter..." I said real quickly. 

They all stared at me. 

My father looked at me and smiled at me "I knew that boy would grow on you that's why you are going to his kingdom." He said "And your brother will go to the kingdom in the east. So if prince Carter asks you if you'll go to his kingdom say yes alright?" He asked and I nodded my head and left to the garden that's when Carter came up and started to talk to me. I started to walk backwards to face him while we talked. I tripped over a rock. I closed my eyes as I fell and hit my back on the grass and I felt something looming over me. I opened my eyes. It was Carter. I guess he tripped over me and he on the other hand caught his fall with his hands. So I guess I can't say he was on top of me but our faces were inches away. I started to blush like crazy as he started to move closer to my face. 

My brother came over and and I guess he saw us cause he started to laugh abit. Carter put his head down and obviously blushing like crazy and embaresed by my brother being here. He got off me and stood up. He held out his hand to help me up and I took his hand. I walked over to my brother and slapped him upside the head and walked off blushing like crazy. Carter went up to my brother and started to talk to him and my brother started to talk to him about the war that was about to happen. Carter was apparently looking for me from what I heard from the maid that came to check up on me in my room. So I left my room to try and find Carter. I wasn't long before I found him and ran towards him."Carter!" I yelled to get his attention-

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