Unknown Princess


2. Chapter 2

In my room I started to dig through my big closet for a dress, matching high heels or flats, jewelry, and a random tiara. I found a dress and some flats and a really pretty pair of earrings and surprisingly a matching tiara then came a knock at the door and I go answer it. 

"Hello?" I said as there stood taylor (again). "Hey baby sis father wants us in the throne room." He said and walked off "O-ok I'll be right there." I said an ran after him. 

After a while of silence they make it into the throne room were her mother and father were sat in there golden thrones. 

"You called father?" Taylor said and he bowed and I cursied "Why yes. Skylars body guard is here." My father said and smiled "Come sit down children the knight will be here soon." My mother said also smiling. 

So me and my brother went and sat down in our thrones then came in a guard "Your highnesses sir. Mio is here." The guard said and bowed "Ok let him in." My father said and with that the guards opened the doors and walked in sir.Mio. 

"Hello your majesties." He said and bowed my parents smiled with glee along with my brother. Me on the other hand had a straight face, the face of a princess nothing more, nothing less. 

As we all stood up my brother smirked and looked at me and I looked at him. I was so confused with his gesture but I soon found out for myself when I turned back to the knight. He was starting at me and I turned away from his gaze and looked out the window to see my favorite place in the castle, the garden. It's where I spent most of my time as a child cause I was usually alone as a child.

I turned back to face the knight who was now looking at my father. 

"So welcome sir. Mio." My father said "Thank you for the offer my king." He said and bowed "So I'll have you protecting my daughter Skylar." My father said and did this hand gesture so that he knew it was me I smiled sweetly at him.

"I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea by me smiling at him." I said in my head while still smiling. Well after we introduced ourselves I left to go get ready for the ball so I wandered to my room. "I wish I could seriously eat something other than salad for dinner sometimes. I mean we only eat stuff other than salad on rare occasions...like tonight!" I yelled inside my head as my face lit up.

"Wow someone's really happy." Someone said. It surprised so much I turned around so fast my dress made a 'swoosh' sound which it never does that. And to my surprise it was Carter. "Oh hey Carter. You surprised me." I said and sighed in relief.

"So it's almost time for the ball you excited?" He asked "Well to tell the truth no I'm not." I said "Then why'd you look so excited?" Carter asked confused "Oh Umm...." I started to blush "I...uhh...well...was...thinking about how they won't serve salad for dinner tonight so I was super happy cause I'm kinda sick of just eating salad everyday." 

"Oh...so your happy only because of that." Carter said he sounded disappointed. 

"So I gotta get ready so I'll see yo-" he cut me off "I'll wait for you outside your door ok?" He asked "Yeah ok." I said and went inside my room to go change. 

A couple minutes later I came out and to my surprise Carter was still out here "Oh your done?" He asked "Uhh...yeah." I said while blushing lightly "So shall we get going down stairs cause the party just started." He said and held out his hand "Sure." I said and took his hand. 

We walked to the long Stair case but it wasn't to long. When we got there one of the guards announced our presence. It was embarrassing and we walked down the stairs arm in arm. We finally made it to my family through the crowd of people. 

"Happy birthday sweetheart." My mother said and hugged me. "Happy birthday darling." My father said and hugged me also

"hey baby sis happy 16th birthday." Taylor said and smiled at me. My brothers not the hugging type. After all the happy birthday was said and done Carter came up and asked to dance. "Yes." I said and took his waiting hand and we walk towards the ballroom floor and we danced for a little while till my father came up and asked if he could dance with me. So me and my father started to dance and he kept saying how beautiful I've become over the years. I smiled and said thank you. My brother came over an hour later and asked me to dance. Now this was surprising but I said yes anyway. More hours past and the ball was over and it was almost time for me to go to bed so I went to my room and got dressed into my nightgown and walked downstairs towards the door that leads to,the garden. 

As I walked outside and stepped on the nice cool grass I felt at peace and started to walk around then I bumped in to someone. "Oh I'm so sorry are you ok?" The person said "Yeah I'm fine." I said and looked to see who it was. It was Carter and I started to blush like crazy.

"Oh sorry Skylar again." He said and ran his fingers through his golden hair "Oh is fine really I'm not hurt so no need to say sorry." I said and looked up at him. Then after a while of awkward silence a rustling sound broke it. Me and Carter walked over to the sound. As we got closer we saw someone running. 

"Stop!" Carter yelled after them. The next thing I knew was Carter grabbing my hand and we started to run. We finally caught up to the person. It was a girl. She was about the same age as me. We walked over to her. "Hello." I said. I must've surprised her cause she jumped up and gasped a little. 

"Oh sorry didn't mean to scare you." I said in an apologetic tone of voice. But before I was able to walk towards her she ran off. I sighed "Well I should go for my walk before the guards call me back inside." I said and started to walk off 

"Wait!" Carter called after me. Turned back so face him and I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Yeah?" I asked him "Can I walk with you?" He asked while blushing. "Sure." I said and smiled even more. So after what seem like forever I had to go inside the castle. "So...see you tomorrow?" Carter asked me "Sure...maybe we can hang out more." I said and smiled at him sweetly. Before I left he went on one knee and took my hand and kissed it.

"See you tomorrow my fair lady." He said and stood up and bowed. I was blushing like crazy. My whole face was red. "S-see you tomorrow." I said and cursied. I walked off into the castle and into my room. I flopped on my bed and thought to myself for a moment. I gave up and got under the covers and fell a asleep.

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