Unknown Princess


11. Chapter 11

-Carter's P.O.V-

'Where could she have gone to in the middle of the night?' I asked myself. I wondered why she would leave. I slowed the horse down as we came to a fork in the road.

"Tch." I clicked my tongue in annoyance. I looked at the roads with the little light I had. I saw horse tracks on the left side. 'That's the direction to Skylar's kingdom.' I told myself. "Hya!" I yelled and flicked the reins.

The horse bolted off in the direction of the horse tracks. 'I'm coming Skylar.' I said to myself.

-Skylar's P.O.V- 

My eyes went small with fear as they kept getting closer and closer. There was no way to escape. They kept laughing that bone chilling low laugh. Tears stung my eyes. I was afraid. They smirked but their smirks fell as a sound of a horse galloping was heard.

We all turned our heads to the sound. The sound got louder and closer. I got a bit scared and went into a fetal position. "Skylar!" A voice called my name. The voice was familiar. 

"Run!" A bandit yelled and ran off. Others soon fallowed the first. I sniffled a bit and tears fell from my eyes that were open with fear. 

"Skylar!" The voice called again. This time I looked up and saw Carter. Relief washed over my eyes. I sat up as he slowed down and hopped off his horse. "Skylar." He said with a smile

I smiled a bit and stood up. He walked over to me. "What are you doing out here?" He asked. I looked away and sighed. He waited for me to answer. I looked back to him.

"I wanted to go home." I stated "Why?" He asked "Because I'm homesick ok." I huffed "But you know you can't Skylar." He said "Does it look like I care!?" I snapped.

My eyes widened along with his. I cupped a hand over my mouth. Carter just stared at me with shock written all over his face. I backed away slowly.

He slowly took steps forward. I removed my hand and held it out to stop him if he got to close to me. "Skylar..." He said softly "Stay back." I said and kept backing away.

He kept walking towards me. Soon I was backed into a tree. I gasped as I felt the hard tree bark hit my back. I had no where to go as Carter's chest ran into my out stretched hand.

He kept walking and I tried my best to keep my arm straight and not be able to move but in the end my arm wasn't strong enough. 

I looked to my arm that was going back as Carter kept coming towards me. I got so warped into my arm that I didn't notice Carter was already in front of me.

"Skylar..." He said again. I snapped out of the gaze of my arm and turned to Carter who was only a couple inches from my face.

I sucked in a sharp breath as my face slowly went red. He was slowly leaning in and the gap between our faces was growing smaller.

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