Poems by me

These are all poems written by me. They all depend on my mood. Thanks fr reading. :)


3. Memories

Memories of you linger around
Everything I do reminds me of you.
It started with a simple hello
But now its ending with a hard good-bye  

The time that you held me
I felt so safe
I forgot about everything
but now i might not be able to feel it again  

The time you kissed me with you gentle lips
It made me fall deeper
It felt like we had all the time in the world
But little did I know that it might be the end  

The late night text will always be with me
But it wont ever be the same.
Can I ever see you again?
or will you become someone that I use to know...  

Memories of you lingers through me head
this will be dangerous and maybe the end.
I cant believe your leaving.
Just please don't forget our memories.

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