Poems by me

These are all poems written by me. They all depend on my mood. Thanks fr reading. :)


4. Love is like war

Love is like war
It is a dangeous thing
Once you have Fallen
it is hard to get up  

It is a great thing though
as long as someone catches you
He is your everything
but are you the same to him?  

You may never know unless its from him
His lips are as soft as cotton
his arms are so safe
how can love be like war?  

Right at the end when no one is there
thats when the war part comes in.
when it all falls apart and your the one left
your feelings are sad as much as it can  

He was your everything but not to him
You still feel him there while his memory lingers
Everything reminds you of him and you always see him
You heart still races but then fills with tears.
Love is like war till the very end.

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