Poems by me

These are all poems written by me. They all depend on my mood. Thanks fr reading. :)


1. Falling

I suddenly found myself falling
My heart started to call your name
I got lost in the moment
from the very start  

I stayed up late with you
you were the only one that settled my thoughts
I always look forward to seeing you
You were suddenly my everything   But now you might be leaving
if you do you will with my heart
It will crumble me to pieces
even though you arent mine..  

I have fallen so hard
Now I might not get up
Why have I fallen into this trap?
What if I cant survive this?
All I need is you  

I suddenly found myself falling
not knowing whats going to happen
How could my heart let this happen?
you were just that captivating that I was hoping you would end up mine.

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