Poems by me

These are all poems written by me. They all depend on my mood. Thanks fr reading. :)


2. Do you think of me?

Do you ever think of me?
I always think of you
You have shown me meaning
you have shown me trust.  

But what happens when it might all go to dust?
You are leaving real soon
The words I want to say just wont come out
but if I said them would you say it back?  

You are my everything so don't forget.
I cant believe your leaving
I will always be here with your memory.
just don't forget me  

You will always have a place in my heart
if you come back will you look for me?
I doubt that you would
You would probally be with someone better.  

Do you ever think of me?
Would you miss me when your gone?
I can tell you that I always will
But can I say the same bout you?

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