When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.



Abby's POV

I woke up in my bed and felt two arms wrapped around my stomach.I was about to panic when I remembered it was Luke.I turned around facing him and buried my face in his chest."Morning,princess" Luke said in a really sleepy voice "Morning? It's morning?" I asked confused "yeah,after the news you fell asleep and I carried you here and fell asleep next to you" he said.I remembered what happened yesterday and started crying "I promise everything will be okay,babe" Luke said wiping my tears away "I'm scared,I don't want to lose her" I admitted "I know you are" he said and kissed my temple."3 days,Luke" I said sniffing,gross I know "I know,babygirl" he said.We both sat up in bed and Luke pulled me into his lap resting his head in my shoulder."baby?" He said "yeah" I said "you know we have school in an hour,right?" He asked me and I jumped immediately and he started laughing "why are you laughing?" I asked him "cuz your mom put you in homeschool again and my mom did the same to me" he said laughing and I started crying.Luke ran up to me and hugged me "baby,we'll get through this together" he said since he knew why I was crying "Thank you" I said and we pulled away.We both went back to bed and sat down and Luke pulled me into his lap again sideways "so about tour...what are we gonna do?" He asked me and I didn't want to talk about it but I knew that the day was getting closer and we had to decide "With Sophie like this,I don't know what to do" I said "I understand" Luke said but I could hear a little sadness in his voice "Why don't we got to my mom and dad and ask them what can we do?" I asked "yeah" he said and we both went and brushed our teeth and of course I gave Luke a new toothbrush that I had in my 'y box'.We went downstairs and mom and dad were drinking coffee since it was really early in the morning and they had to leave for work in like 40 minutes."Mom,dad?" I said to get their attitude "yes,honey" dad said and I noticed he wasn't in his work clothes "are you not going to work?" I asked him "I have to stay with Sophie in the hospital" he said "oh okay,well the reason we came here was to ask you what can we do about Luke going on tour for six months and umm like uhh we don't want to be separated from each other" I said a bit nervous to hear what they'll say "okay well me and Laura talked about it and we wanted to ask you what do want" dad said "well obviously I want to go with Luke but with Sophie like this,I don't know if I could stay away from her but I also don't want to stay away from Luke" I said "well with you being homeschooled again I'd be easier and I get that you're worried about Sophie and trust me we are too,obviously" mom said "but Sophie won't be alone,she'll be with us,with her grandparents,with the twins and you can skype her,call her,text her" she continued "so what I'm saying is that you can go on tour with Luke...BUT you have to keep in touch with us and skype,call or text Soph" mom finally said "REALLY!?" I said so excited and happy cuz I thought I'd be leaving Sophie alone "yes really" dad said and I hugged them and thank them then jumped on Luke and hugged him and kissed him.We went upstairs to my room and cuddled in my bed.Luke the kissed me softly at first but heavy then,he shoved his tongue in my throat and well you all know what happened next (clothes in the floor,sweating,panting...yep all that😉).We were lying next to each other naked and fell asleep.

A/N-So I'm trying to update once or twice every day until Sunday,maybe I'll update on Sunday but Idk if I'll be able to do it.Thank you all for 4k reads and 8 favorites,it means everything to me like you don't even know😄😄I love you all so so much and comment if you want another update😘😘

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