When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


25. why is everything going downhill?

I woke with Erika next to me.I sat up and woke her up "Erika,sis get up" I said in my sleepy voice "I'm up,I'm up" she said getting up.We got up and picked up the pillows and the blankets and brought them to the laundry room.I went to my room to do my morning stuff like wash my face,brush my teeth ect ect.My phone started ringing "Hello?" I said "Hey sweetie is mom,our phones died so we had to call you from the hospital phone but we are coming home to tell you everything" mom said in a really really sad tone that I've never heard her in."okay,bye" I said and we hung up.I was in the couch reading maze runner when someone knocked on the door.I went to open it and Luke was there "hey" he said "hey" I said back and he kissed me after I let him in.We were in the couch all cuddled up "four days" he said "Don't remind me" I said burying my face in his chest "Sorry" he said.I was above to fall asleep when he said "I'll miss you" "I'll miss you too but I don't want to talk about us not seeing each other for 6 months" I said and he kissed me.He pulled away after making out "So what happened with Sophie?" He asked me playing with my hair "I don't know yet but it can't be good because mom called me saying she was coming home but she sounded really sad like I've never heard her so sad and I'm really worried,Luke like what if there's something really wrong with Sophie" I said and my eyes started watering "Hey,hey,hey don't cry" Luke said brushing away my tears gently with his hands then pulling me into a hug.The door opened and mom and dad came in.

Luke's POV

I pulled Abby into a hug never wanting to let go of her.The door opened and her mom and dad came in."Oh Luke good to see you here...umm can we talk to you and done worry is nothing bad" Her dad said and I stood up and went to the hallway with them."Okay so we are telling you this because Sophie means a lot to Abby and oh God I don't know how to say this" Abbys mom said with tears in her eyes."Sophie has cancer" She then said and I was in shock "what? No way" I said and her dad nodded "we need you to be there for Abby" he said "I will but there's only one problem;I'm going on tour with my with One Direction and we leave in four day for six months and trust me,I don't want to leave Abby at all but I have to and it kills me" I said and "congrats on the tour and we'll see what we can do" Abbys dad said and we went back to the living room where Abby,Erik and Erika were.I sat down next to Abby and intertwined my fingers with hers "Okay this is really hard and we need all of you to support Sophie on this...Sophie has cancer" Abbys mom said,her voice breaking

Abby's POV

"Sophie has cancer" mom said,her voice breaking.My world fell apart when she said it.I started crying and sobbing and screaming at the same time.Luke pulled me into a hug and he hold me so tight while I cried into his chest."No please,why?" Was all I said "I'm here for you" Luke whispered in my ear and kissed my forehead.I was still crying into Luke's chest just hoping for her to be cure and hoping for a better tomorrow.

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